Christmas Gift for Kids – Top Gifts Toys and Ideas for Boys and Girls

Welcome to Christmas Gift for Kids!!! Are you looking for the most popular gifts for this Christmas?, looking for Top gifts for boys and girls? We want to save you time and effort. At Christmas Gift for Kids, we have done the research of the top toys gifts for boys, girls, toddlers and preschoolers. Our research is based on what the most popular selling toys on the market for children.

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Christmas Gift Toys Ideas for Kids

We would suggest you to go to any of the above mentioned categories for the best boys, girls, toddlers and preschoolers gift toys in our Christmas Gift for Kids list.

If you want to save time you can also go and see the top deals of the day section. This is updated daily so you can come and see what hot toy has a deal today. (However, we must tell you that these are hot toys and sell out very fast, so don’t wait too much before taking action)

Gift Toy Idea Number 1 – Zhu Zhu Pets

The Zhu Zhu Pets are toy hamsters that are the latest sensation. Used to be called Zhu Zhu Go Go. These incredible toys hamsters are toys that act like real hamster. Imagine, having all the fun of a hamster in home but don’t have to worry about food, clean.t

The zhu zhu pets are 4 different hamster toys, each of them has its own personality and also there are several additions tha you can include if you want like the fun house.

Gift Toy Idea Number 2 – Bakugan 7 in 1

The Bakugan maxus dragonoid is a unique piece of toy. Is the combination of 1 bakugan and 6 bakugan traps that turned into one big Bakugan Dragon.

The bakugan 7 in 1 Gift Toy is on the top of the selling toys for kids this Christmas season

Gift Toy Idea Number 3 – Princess Tiana Doll

From Disney Movie the princess and the frog soon to be released, comes this beautiful doll special designed for girls.

Imagine all the magic of the new Disney movie in your home and the smile of your daughter once she sees this present.

As the Disney movie release date is coming, the popularity of this girl doll gift is increasing.

Gift Toy Idea number 4 – Wii Sports Resort

For those kids that love video games (everyone does!) this is the new sensation form Nintendo Wii. The Wii Sports Resort Game, includes all the activities that could happen in a paradisaical island.

Wii is an innovative game that always bring fun to kids. This is a perfect gift not only for your kids but for the whole family.

Gift Toy Idea Number 5 – MindFlex Game

Imagine the face of your kids friends when they see how your boy or girl can move objects with their mind!. Sounds cool! Yes, that is the power of MindFlex, could sound like science fiction, but no, it is available for you today.

At Christmas Gift for Kids this is on the top of our list and has a huge demand. The popularity of this toys among children is big and it is a must to have it.

Gift Idea Number 6 – Playskool Chuck My Talking Truck

Chuck My Talking Truck is an interactive dump truck designed for children age 2 and up. Chuck can speak 40 different phrases and sounds and the am azing think is that also responds to voice commands.

This toy is on of the top toddlers gift toys of the year, and has great reviews.

Gift Toy Idea Number 7 – Dora Link Doll

Inspired on the cartoon character Dora the Explorer, this Doll is an interactive doll that comes with a USB cable to allow it to connect to the computer. As girls play online, they can customize the doll in the online world (this is amazing and really amused everyone) and watch the doll magically transforms herself. Through the online play, girls can change Dora’s hair length, jewelry and eye color.

The Dora Link Doll is the greatest sensation of Mattel, on of the leading in the toys industry. The amazing gift doll is suitable for girls 5 – 8 years.

Gift Toy Idea Number 8 – Disney Netpal Netbook

The Disney Netpal Netbook is the latest computer by Asus desinged for Disney with both Children and parents in mind.

It cones in 2 versions, the Disney pink laptop knows as Disney Princess Pink and the blue verison for boys knowns as Magic Blue.

This computer has all the power of the top computers but has lots of parental controls and Disney specific applications that are really educational and fun for the kids to play with and learn.

Gift idea Number 9 – Ultimate Buzz Light Year

Inspired on the hero of everybody, Buzz Light Year, from Toy Story movie, this is a classic. there is a moment when every kid wants a Buzz lightyear. This toy is one of the top toys for boys and the good thing is that you have the voice of Tim Allen, so it really sounds like the real Buzz. I have lots of fun watching my son and many of my friends son playing with Buzz Lightyear, saving the universe, ‘to the infinity and beyond”.

Gift Idea Number 10 – Lego Advent Calendar

The Lego Advent Calendar comes with 267 pieces with 9 mini figures. This year, comes with new christmas characters like snowman, minifigures with ice skates, etc.. You can’t go wrong with this one. The lego Calendar is always a great gift for kids that is why it is also one of the preferred choices on the Christmas Gift for Kids list this year.

Above we have just mentioned some of the Christmas gift ideas for kids that you may want to consider for your Christmas present for your kids this year. However, there are lots of great ideas on this site , just see our top sections, The Most Popular, Top gifts for boys, Girls, Toddlers and Preschoolers as well as the deals of the days, where you can see what offers and discount are available for the hottest Christmas toys for 2009.

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