Playskool Chulk My Talking Truck

Playskool Chuck My Talking Truck
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Chuck My Talking Truck from Playskool is the new sensation for kids ages 2+. Your kids can spend lots of fun with this interactive truck that speaks over 40 languages. For 2009 Christmas season, Chuck my talking truck is one of the top gifts ideas

Imagine the face of your child when he sees how this truck respond to his voice…that is why we consider this toy as one of the best ideas to keep in mind for Christmas gift for kids.
Your Own Personal Driving, Talking Truck
Chuck My Talking Truck has plenty of things to say and places to go. His 40 plus phrases and sounds make each playtime a new adventure for your toddler. When your child calls Chuck from across the room the fun-loving dump truck starts up right up and chugs his way over to your child. His cartoonish features are silly, fun, and inviting, and with four different touch sensors he starts up easily for younger children still improving their eye-and-hand coordination.

Though Chuck does come when called, be careful to use him away from the television or radio. His sensors may get confused with extra voices, causing him to keep driving when he hasn’t been directly spoken to.

Cartoonish Features and Interactive Play for Your Toddler
Chuck My Talking Truck will keep your toddler guessing with talk, movement, and sounds. Toddlers can help load Chuck up with stuff to take to the “dump,” and help him unload when they’ve made it across the room together. There are plenty of dump truck adventures to be had with Chuck’s versatile actions and sounds. Chuck’s body is also made of soft rubber that will not hurt toddlers in collisions.

What’s in the Box
Truck, storybook, three “C” batteries.

The reviews from this toy made him one f the preferred on the Christmas Gift for Kids list for 2009. This is always a win toy!

***Don’t wait longer,this could be the best option you have to avoid any disappointment***

Remember, this toy is one of the top Xmas toddlers toys from Playskool, and they are always looking for inovative ways to not only entertain the little one but also to educate them. This is a great Christmas Toy choice for your kids.

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