Barbie 2009 Holiday Doll

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The 2009 Holiday Barbie is the ideal collector’s item for the Barbie lover in your home. And this year, Barbie is not only celebrating the holidays, she is also celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Barbie doll — making her a particularly special collectible. Designed for ages six and up, the 2009 Holiday Barbie is wearing a gorgeous bejeweled, multilayered pink gown. Your child will love showing her off to friends, or propping her up on her doll stand for everyone to admire.

As you can see, Barbie is always Barbie, and that is the reason why in most of the years, Barbie was always on the top gifts for girls list.

Celebrate Barbie’s 50th anniversary with this particularly special collectible. View larger.

Elegant and Timeless
2009 Holiday Barbie is elegant and timeless in a shimmering pale pink and gold lame gown with bejeweled tulle. Her bodice is skillfully crafted with a beautiful wraparound bow, and her chandelier earrings with matching pink gems complete the look. The Holiday Barbie comes with her own doll stand that can be hidden beneath her flowing dress.

The stand allows her to stand up alone on a table — or shelf — in between uses or for decoration. The delicate textures and dazzling materials of her gown make it hard not to want to touch or play with Holiday Barbie.

Perfect Gift for Barbie Lovers and Collectors
The Holiday Barbie has always been a collector’s item. But the 2009 Holiday Barbie is truly special since she’s also a 50th anniversary Barbie and part of the Special Occasion Collection. Barbie’s beautiful gown and stunning jewels make her an unforgettable and wonderful vision for the holidays. She will be one of the prettiest dolls in your child’s collection.

What’s in the Box
Barbie doll, gown, earrings, shoes, and doll stand.

2009 Holiday Barbie is wearing an elegant, shimmering gown with bejeweled tulle. This anniversary doll comes with her own stand that can be easily hidden beneath her flowing dress.

For the little gitrls, Barbie bringsd a whole world of educaitonal entertainment and fanstasy, that is why, Barbie 2009 Holiday doll is on the top selling Christmas Gift for Kids for 2009 Holiday season.

You can order your Barbie 2009 Holiday doll today!

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2 Responses to “Barbie 2009 Holiday Doll”

  • elen says:

    hi i wonder if you can help…My daughter was given this doll as a present and has misplaced the stand. i am trying to buy a replacement but cannot seem to find one. The only ones i tend to find are the stands that are rounded at the top (I think this is for it to be attached to the waist) But the one that comes with this doll is one where the stand sits between the legs and supports the doll from under the dress. Could you advise where I may be able to get another??? thankyou

  • Christmas Gift For Kids says:

    Thank you for your post. I’ve already sent you an email, but just in case, I am posting here the information I sent you.

    Below are a couple of sources where you can find doll stands. I am placing some links directly to the search query so you don’t have to do the search and see if this is exactly what you are looking for:

    1) Barbie Doll Stand Option 1

    2) Barbie Doll Stand Option 2

    Hope this helps. All the best!

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