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Barbie Collector 2010 Holiday Doll
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Barbie Holiday DollChristmas is just around the corner and with the upcoming holiday shopping spree; it’s only a matter of time before people take to the department stores—both online and offline—to shop for their loved ones present. Parents are especially up for some stiff competition from their fellow parents in scoring some of the country’s most popular toys for 2010 for their children. One toy that is guaranteed to immediately fly off the shelves once the Christmas shopping rush starts is the Barbie Holiday Doll.

Barbie has continued to be popular among young girls and adult women ever since her debut more than 50 years ago. For somebody who’s pushing 50, Barbie sales are still going strong thanks to the loyal fan base she has developed over the years. The little girls who used to play with her when she was then considered as just another simple fashion doll have now grown up for themselves, raising children of their own, and passing down their Barbie doll collections to the next generation of women in their family. Some women, however, continue to buy Barbie dolls for the sake of collecting them. 

One such doll is the annual Barbie Holiday Doll. This year’s Barbie Holiday Doll sees Barbie garbed in traditional Christmas shades of white, red, and gold. 2010 Barbie Holiday Doll is celebrating this holiday season in her snow white gown with an elegant red and gold studded bodice, a matching long red wrap, and a ribbon bow. To top off her festive look, she dons an exquisite headpiece plus beautiful ruby chandelier earrings as an added jewel accessory.

Adult Barbie doll collectors will be delighted to know that the packaging of this doll is not the typical sealed box frequently used by the manufactures. Instead of having the box taped by the manufacturers, the packaging for this doll is a simple red box with a matching lid that can be easily removed should you decide to get a closer look at the doll. 

The Barbie Holiday Doll is the perfect gift for women of all ages. There’s no such thing as being too old for dolls when it comes to Barbie whose longevity and success in the business continues to be unparalleled even after 50 years of being in business. Both Caucasian and African-American-versions of the Barbie Christmas dolls are available for shoppers all over stores in the entire country. There’s not much difference between the two dolls as both dolls don identical dresses.    

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