Barbie Mariposa Magic Wings Doll Not Quite As Magical As It Seems

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Barbie: Mariposa Magic Wings Mariposa Doll
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Barbie Mariposa Magic Wings

Once upon a time in the kingdom of Flutterfield, there lived fairies that were said to possess butterfly wings. Tragedy hits the kingdom when the queen of Flutterfield is poisoned by an evil butterfly fairy who wants to take over the kingdom. It’s up to a butterfly fairy by the name of Mariposa and her friends to find an antidote for the queen and to ultimately save the kingdom of Flutterfield. So goes the story of Mattel’s latest computer animated offering, “Mariposa and Her Buttefly Friends.”

As part of the promotional tie-up with the release of the animated video “Mariposa and Her Butterfly Friends”, Mattel has also launched a Barbie Mariposa Magic Wings doll collection depicting the titular heroine and her friends Will, and the twins Rayna and Rayla from the “Mariposa” DVD. It’s inevitable that little girls would want their own versions of the “Mariposa” characters to their forever expanding Barbie doll collection.

Like her animated counterpart, the Barbie Mariposa Magic Wings doll comes garbed in her gorgeous and elegant pink bodice and skirt. She also comes with a matching tiara on her flowing blond hair. The Barbie Mariposa Magic Wings doll has reversible wings featuring two kinds of wings: pretty purple wings and sparkling pink wings that you can switch to one another with just the press of a button.

Despite its seemingly perfect appearance, the doll has its share of flaws that have irked parents who purchased the product. While parents and their daughters have agreed that the doll is indeed a gorgeous sight to behold, an issue about the interchangeable wings is the constant complaint: it’s either the wings fall apart too quickly or they have trouble attaching the wings to begin with. Some have even resorted to gluing the wings onto the doll to make the wings stick. With a child’s naturally short attention span, the problematic doll is often discarded in favor of more easy to use dolls.

For Barbie doll collectors who want to preserve the appearance and condition of the doll, it’s best not to bother with the wings at all because constant attempts in attaching the clip-on wings on the doll could cause further damage.

It seems like you’re better off buying the other dolls in the collection set because they come with more interesting accessories that you can mix and match with the other. They seem to guarantee more hours of fun play instead of just wasting away the time in attempting to figure out how the wings work.

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