Barbie Pink 3-Story Dream Townhouse

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Barbie Pink 3-Story Dream Townhouse
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Retail Price: $159.99
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Barbie Pink 3 Dream Townhouse

The Barbie Pink 3-Story Dream Townhouse is one of the most popular gifts for girls. This townhouse is over 3 feet tall and it is fully furnished. One of the main reason why this townhouse is so popular is not only because it really represents the glamour of Barbie dream house and lifestyle that girls has loved for many generations, but also because it provides with a full environment that promote interaction between your child and others or even just by herself which will help develop her imagination and create different situations that could happen inside Barbie Dream Townhouse.

The Barbie’s Dream Townhouse is decorated in the classic Barbie pink color, and it comes with all the details you can never think about like lightning and sounds. It has 5 fully furnished rooms, a fireplace, a refrigerator that light up, fully equipped kitchen and more. Just imagine 55 pieces and accessories that come with this townhouse. Your child will love playing with all the lights and sounds or just pulling the elevator to each floor, as well as creating her own experiences around Barbie and the dream townhouse.

What we like about the Barbie dream townhouse?

It is a fully furnished townhouse that promotes role-played activities that will help develop your child social skills as well as her imagination. Overall, if you are really looking for one of the top Christmas gifts for girls, the Barbie Pink 3-Story Dream Townhouse is your best choice.

Barbie Pink 3 Story dream townhouse is one of the most popular Christmas gifts of this season and that is the reason it was always on the top of the rankings.

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