Barbie Twilight Alice

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Barbie Twilight Alice

Barbie Collector Twilight Saga Eclipse Alice Doll – what is this?

Dear Barbie Collectors,
If you don’t have Alice Doll in your Barbie collection, it is incomplete. Add this newest member of Barbie family, twilight barbie alice doll , Alice Cullen, the famous and your favorite character in “Eclipse” the romantic movie of Twilight Saga series written by Stephenie Meyer which was also a best selling book. This super product, twilight barbie alice doll, will take you back to the same romantic experience you had in the theater and keep you there forever.

Twilight Saga Eclipse Alice Doll A character close to your heart

It is unnecessary to introduce what Eclipse, the third movie of Twilight Saga series, and a book of her books series which was highlighted as number one best selling book by the New York Times. The character Alice Cullen became famous due to the super act she had in famous Eclipse, and Eclipse became famous due to Alice’s attractive and fashionable push. So, Twilight Saga Eclipse Alice Doll has also become so famous among Barbie Collectors around the world today. Her illuminating golden eyes, short and sassy dark hair, and porcelain-looking skin make your Barbie collection perfect and full of attraction and beauty.

See how happy this customer is….

This review is from: Barbie Collector Twilight Saga Eclipse Alice Doll (Toy)
I have started to collect these Twilight Barbie dolls, and out of the 5 dolls they make, this one is my favorite! Her hair and outfit are adorable. She looks very pixie-like, as Alice is depicted in the books and movies. Love it! I am going to purchase Victoria next. These dolls make nice collector’s items, and are also affordable! By Amanda J. Burdick “pandaj40″

Barbie Twilight Alice is a Great Gift
Never think twice to gift this super doll, Barbie twilight Alice to your daughter, mom, sister, girlfriend or wife for this coming Christmas or Birthday. She would love it and will love you too and remember you in a lot more years to come.

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Barbie Collector Twilight Saga Eclipse Alice Doll
Barbie Collector Twilight Saga Eclipse Alice Doll
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