Barbie Video Girl Doll

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Barbie Video Girl Doll
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Barbie brings a world of entertainment for your girl this Christmas. Barbie video girl doll comes with a real camera on her necklace that will help your little one make her own movie with her favorite doll. This is the reason why this doll is becoming one of the most popular gifts for girl

Barbie’s back has an LCD screen so you can see the recording as it is happening; you can produce up to 25 minutes video at a time. Once the video is done, you can transfer the file to the computer using the Barbie’s USB pink cable, and using the software that comes with your doll you can edit the movie. The software also allows you to use Barbie theme transitions to produce your movie, as well as movie soundtracks, sounds effects and opening and closing screens as well as credits to be put on as you child is really producing her own Barbie movie. The only limitation here is that the camera doesn’t come with speakers so you can’t listen what you have recorder when watching it directly on the LCD monitor. However, once everything is transfer to the computer, you can see and listen everything.

3 different Barbie Video Girl Doll versions to choose from

Barbie video grill doll comes in 3 different version to choose from, you can choose the classic Barbie or a brunette or African American version of this Barbie. Barbie Video Girl doll is about 12” tall and dress a blue jean, pink boots, and pink shirt. This doll uses 2 AAA batteries that don’t come with the doll.

This beautiful doll is for kids 6 years old and above, and it is turning into the big sensation for girls for this Christmas.

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