Basics Baby’s First Blocks: SIMPLE BUT FUN!

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Basics Baby's First BlocksMost of mums believe a lot in unstructured creative play, which allows small children to develop their creative mine.   Most of the times, the simplest toys are the ones that let the child explore the best with his own initiative.

Basics Baby’s First Blocks from The Fisher-Price is a great toy to start teaching shapes and colors. It comes with ten blocks of five shapes and colors. Parents can use the blocks to teach colors and shapes to their children by simply flashing the block in front if the child and saying its shape and color. This flashing method holds the child’s attention better than talking to him slowly. Mums can also stack the blocks to create little buildings. The children would love to crawl to them and knock them down. This could aid the child practice his crawling at a faster pace. Babies can also hold two blocks which can be considered an important milestone: learning to reach before learning to clap their hands. In addition to that, your child can tale the lid off and take out the blocks, put the blocks back in and keep on redoing the process. This helps the child enhance his eye-hand coordination and dexterity of fingers.  The child can also practice putting the right shape in the right hole. The blocks can also be rolled easily, which can attract babies to chase over them. This could provide the child a good dose of exercise.

Just like what the name implies, this Basics Baby’s First Blocks is a simple but good learning toy. It greatly develops the child’s curiosity and logical thinking.  Mums will not have to worry about their babies placing the pieces into their mouth, as what most babies tend to do. The blocks can be washed clean easily. The sizes of the blocks are great, too, which makes the easily storable. Even after several months, the toy could still look good as new and attract the child’s interest.

The only draw back that most can notice about the toy is its lid. The cover does not stay closed and some parents want a snap-tight cover. But since the cover does not stay on, as what have been mentioned, the child could just take the blocks out and do it again and again to develop their muscle coordination.

Small children need the simplest toys to allow them to achieve their first milestones of learning, and this Basic’s Baby’s First Blocks is surely a great way to help the babies achieve them.

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