Safety First With “Cars” Lightning McQueen – Cars McQueen Bicycle Helmet

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Cars McQueen Bicycle HelmetIt’s often difficult to convince kids about the benefits and advantages of functional objects when it looks dull and plain. Safety gear like helmets for instance. Kids don’t want to spend precious minutes strapping on their bulky safety gear when they could be having the time of their lives going on their “adventures”. The best way to convince them is to not make the gear’s design look drab. Functional should never ever be equated to plain and boring, especially in the minds of impressionable kids who prioritize having fun over paying attention to “boring” adult rules.

Kids look up to a lot of the heroes from their favorite cartoons series so these cartoon heroes are the obvious choice for safety first advocates. For example, putting popular Disney’s Cars McQueen Bicycle Helmet together in one thought to promote safety first to children, most especially rambunctious toddlers who will most likely never ever give a second glance to a poorly-designed (read: plain) bicycle helmet. If you can’t convince them to don a bicycle helmet, then maybe Lightning McQueen from “Cars” can.

The Cars McQueen Bicycle Helmet features a durable hard shell design that can protect your toddlers regardless of the sport or activity they indulge in. The helmet features a front and top vent design that allows for better airflow and improved comfort for your kids. The helmet’s fit can be tweaked without much difficulty thanks to the easy to adjust webbing design. The helmet design also sports a glossy finish that makes it look slick and cool. Having the hero of Disney’s “Cars” Lightning McQueen on the helmet simply ups the ante of the helmet’s cool factor and making it all the more appealing to little children who are fans of the movie and the character.

PTI Sports helmets don’t just look good; they’re also designed to be effective in their function. The Cars McQueen Bicycle Helmet is designed to be durable and hard enough to last your kids a good five years without causing extreme discomfort to your child with the high quality foam that can effectively absorb impact, resulting in improved collision protection. You can put your worrying mind at ease whenever your child goes riding off to pursue his adventures because you know he’s well protected thanks to his Cars McQueen Bicycle Helmet.

With the helmet’s cute and functional design, the problem you might encounter now is convincing your kid to take off his Cars McQueen Bicycle Helmet.

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