Deluxe Snow White Doll

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Disney Snow White Feature Doll
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Snow White DollEverybody knows Snow White and Grimm’s classical fairy tale deserves a classic doll. For every little girl who likes Snow White said classy doll would be very precious. Snow White doll is based on self-titled Disney character. Anyone who is enthralled with the princesses of Disney will definitely love this Snow White figure. It comes with a sweet charm that perfectly reflects the fairy tale character. Her gorgeous hair is washable and easy to brush. Her eyes and natural-colored lips make her looks adorable to young daughters. This doll is prettier compared to other Snow White dolls, as many of them have heads too large for their bodies. This Snow White doll was not made up with clownish red lips, but naturally red as the drops of blood.  It clearly denotes her natural beauty, as what the classic Grimm tale describe her as such and her signature look. The doll also comes with accessories like earrings, removable gold-toned shoes, flowers and hair ribbons. The hair ribbon comes off but it can be easily wrapped around the head and retied.

This doll is perfect for daughters who love to play dress up. The princess was dressed with her signature gown with shimmering details. The fact that the doll’s dress has velcro going down the back makes it easy to dress Snow White without the fear of breaking any of her limbs. Her dress has a bodice in dark blue velvet, designed with little red rose buds, white ruffle collar, burgundy sleeves and full length skirt made of china silk. The skirt is adorned with patterns, flowers and swirls of glitter. The dress is sewn well that it won’t fall apart at the seams when at the hands of a child. The dress did not need to wash but is also washable by machine. You can wash the dress and it will still be good as new. The doll is also handcrafted in vinyl and has a multiple articulation that allows the doll to move in multiple poses. In addition to that, the doll doesn’t have tiny parts that can cause choke to small children. The body is well made as it is strong and sturdy, which will give you a lasting doll collection experience.

This Snow White doll is perfect not only for young girls, but to anyone who loves Disney princesses, a perfect gift and collector’s item.

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