The Worry-Free Disney Netpal Notebook Line

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Disney Netpal Netbook pinkKids are becoming more and more tech savvy each day, often surpassing the adults with their skills in operating the latest gadgets they get their hands on. Though this is a good thing, it can also put young children at risk because of adults who may take advantage of them through. Disney, ever the reliable parent saver for entertaining kids of all ages, teams up with ASUS to come up with a line of kid-friendly netbooks called Netpal that can put parents mind at ease whenever their kids log onto to the internet. 

The Disney Netpal Netbook pink and blue features designs that can easily win the hearts of the netbook’s target market. The Disney Netpal Netbook pink has floral patterns forming the shape of princesses, hearts and tiaras on the lid while the blue version uses a plainer design that can appeal to the boys. Apart from the aesthetics, the Netpal uses a smaller screen and keyboard to make it more kid-friendly, less costly, and portable. Performance-wise, the Disney Netpal is up to par with standard netbooks despite its size and the 160GB memory can be easily upgraded as you see fit.

The main selling point of the Disney Netpal Netbook pink and blue is the software bundle it offers. Your child can choose to design their desktop using a variety of Disney themes available like “Cars”, “Hannah Montana”, “Wall-E”, “Jonas Brothers”, “Lilo and Stitch”, and “Tinkerbell” just to name a few of the titles in their extensive list. And then there’s the expansive, not to mention comprehensive, parental controls which lets you customize your child’s access to netbook’s folders and applications. You can block inappropriate websites, filter out email addresses, and even set up a web/program access schedule to prevent excessive use of the netbook. These features can only be overwritten once you enter your master password.

Of course the Disney Netpal also has fun features for kids aside from the desktop themes. There are useful widgets like digital memo pads for reminders, stopwatch, and calculator among others. There are music and media management applications like Disney Pix to arrange your digital photos; Disney Bobblehead that lets you make your own bobbleheads using your photos and convert them into videos and postcards complete with wacky dance scenes; and a Radio Disney widget that can stream music in real-time and even takes song requests! The Disney Netpal also comes with all sorts of games that can keep your child entertained after a long day of schoolwork.

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