Electronic Catch Phrase – Oh! What a game!!! What a gift!!!!

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Hasbro Electronic Catch Phrase
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Retail Price: $29.99
Amazon Price: $33.49

Electronic Catch PhraseElectronic Catch Phrase is the best gift in today’s market for you to buy for a child. It is a toy, but not only a toy. It is a brain maker, but not only a brain maker. It is for kids but not only for kids. It is a word game, but not only a word game. It gives fun, but not only the fun! Would you mind going through this description to know something better and deeper about Electronic Catch Phrase?

First know how the game goes…

In Electronic Catch Phrase game there is a word or a phrase hidden, only one guy of a team can read silently for himself. Once read, he/she should give clues to his/her team-mates, either as miming, or verbally using some indirect ways according to the rules given. The team then can confer and any one of the team can give the answer fast and pass the turn to the other team. There is a timer to buzz when the time is over for a game. The team holding the timer disk of Electronic Catch Phrase is losing points or the other team gets a plus point at the time the buzzer goes off. It is something like holding a hot hot Potato on bare hands, changing it hand to hand to avoid burning. You have to be correct, and you have to be fast and quick. On the other hand you need to be active, descriptive, informative and creative on giving clues about the word/phrase to pass the ball to the other court quickly after taking points for the turn.

Electronic Catch Phrase Action packed…

The Electronic Catch Phrase game is full of actions. It is full of fun. Players need to act like professional mime actors. You need to think creatively to fabricate clues to make them understandable and you must also be intelligent to understand those clues tactfully and thoughtfully. Sometimes it looks like a drama. Sometimes it is a debate hall. And sometimes it becomes a battlefield. Shouting, laughing, screaming and even fighting, you can see in this wonderful Electronic Catch Phrase game.

Fun + brain developing….

Electronic Catch Phrase gives fun excitement and thrill in every mean. Additionally, it trains children to think fast, understand fast and activate fast to finish any task as fast as possible. It also educates kids on

  • team building
  • organizing
  • corporation in-between and
  • achieving team goals too.

 Electronic Catch Phrase Includes

  • An electronic timer and a built-in scorekeeper
  • Catch Phrase game unit and
  • Rules booklet 

Electronic Catch Phrase 

If you are looking for a gift for your child for this Christmas, if you are looking for a game which can give you fun, excitement and laughter, if you are looking for a cost worthy toy, and if you are looking for a real meaning for the money you spend, Electronic Catch Phrase it the best choice.

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