Fisher-Price Disney’s Rock Star Mickey

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Fisher-Price Disney's Rock Star Mickey
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Retail Price: $53.99
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Fisher-Price Disney's Rock Star MickeyFisher-Price Disney’s Rock Mickey is a cool stylish set that comes with plastic non-renewable sunglasses and guitar. This toy is excellent and has been attributed to be one of the most educative toys as compared to other toys in the market. Fisher-Price Disney’s Rock Mickey is exceptional and no ordinary rock star. When you press the right foot of Fisher-Price Disney’s Rock Mickey, you will give an energetic performance of the classic rock tune that comes out with outstanding smooth sound for fun. With Fisher-Price Disney’s Rock Mickey, your kid will be able to enjoy M to the I Rock Star Remix.  During this performance, Fisher-Price Disney’s Rock Mickey captures the energy of true n’roll while putting in his own clever mouse-style lyrics. This toy features four tactical moves: the Mickey Split, the Kick-step, Head-Bop and playing guitar with his nose. This seems so much interesting and kids will enjoy Fisher-Price Disney’s Rock Mickey all the day long.  The four moves are also accompanied with dancing all over the floor. This is the right toy to let your kid learn how to rock out like Mickey. Fisher-Price Disney’s Rock Mickey is also educative. For instance, Mickey teaches you about rock n’roll, you will find that you develop your own skills too very much and fast. Don’t also forget that this outstanding toy is made from pretty sturdy materials.

Benefits of Owning Fisher-Price Disney’s Rock Mickey

  1. Interactive: this toy keeps on moving all over the floor. You and Mickey can also start a rock band together when you have what it takes and you can play the rock star guitar.
  2. Educational: this toy is very interactive and can teach your kid on how to rock. In fact if you want to rock out like Mickey then you ought to possess this toy. The various sounds that are produce by this toy are very fun and can make you happy for the whole day.

Fisher-Price Disney’s Rock Mickey Features

  1. As Fisher-Price Disney’s Rock Mickey plays his guitar he will dance with head bops and leg kicks
  2. This toy wears cool sunglasses like a real rock star
  3. Get ready to rock and roll with Mickey
  4. Fisher-Price Disney’s Rock Mickey is ready to dance and lay his guitar
  5. Guitar pictured with child sold separately.

Fisher-Price Disney’s Rock Mickey Reviews

Fisher-Price Disney’s Rock Mickey is an adorable toy for kids. This toy is educative and interactive. It can teach your kid on how to rock with Mickey. Customers who bought Fisher-Price Disney’s Rock Mickey have accepted the exceptional nature of this toy. They have also ranked it highly. For instance, at, out of 22 customers who reviewed this unit, 8 customers rated it with a 5star rating, 10 customers rated this unit with 4star rating and 2 other customers rated it with a 3star rating. Overall, Fisher-Price Disney’s Rock Mickey is a well-performing and eye-catching toy. Here is what one of the customers said about this unit.

So Cute,

Rockstar Mickey is simply adorable! He made me an instant fan of me! Definitely well-constructed, no worries about any parts breaking off, not with this well-made Fisher Price toy! He does only play a few songs, but I especially like the rockstar 101 (press his nose) and he gives instruction on how to make the rockstar moves, my 2 year old grand-niece loves this and plays alongside her little guitar! I should however mention that he doesn’t have a volume control and my dogs were rather alarmed at the sound of his performance. I don’t know that this Mickey has a long interest value, so I would recommend periodically putting him up for a while and then bringing him out for a few days’ worth of play. Perfect for at my house for when I have little one’s come to visit!”


If you are looking for such an educative toy for your kid as a Christmas gift, then Fisher-Price Disney’s Rock Mickey is the right toy for you. This toy is amazingly cute and also educative. In addition to that, Fisher-Price Disney’s Rock Mickey is also interactive and can help develop your kid’s mind greatly.

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