Quality Two-in-One Bike Gift for a Young Girl

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Playskool Glide to Ride Bike Girl
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Glide to Ride Bike GirlWhen choosing a birthday present for girls who epitomize “sugar & spice and everything nice,” dolls and stuffed toys always come to mind. For an active three- to five-year-old girl, a fun to drive bicycle with her favorite cartoon character, or the really durable and cool-looking Glide to Ride Bike Girl can be a thrilling gift. At three, kids are more nimble. As they approach five, they are even more agile, making a good quality bike a suitable gift. A nicely constructed bike may also serve as one of the learning toys that can help a child explore and develop self-confidence, while also flexing some muscles.

Doting grandparents, aunts or uncles may get their favorite little girl into ride mode with the Glide to Ride Bike Girl.  This is a learner’s bike featuring two modes. Young & active girls with boundless energy may use their little legs to push along the bike when it’s in glide mode. Kiddie bikers are close to the ground  when the bike’s in glide mode. When the tot is ready to master balancing skills, the screw-on pedals can be attached to get her into ride mode. The bike’s so enticing to ride, so expect your two- or three-year-old to look for it first thing upon waking up in the morning. The two-in-one bike is backed by safety assurance that can only come from a company noted for quality toys. It’s a durable riding toy that won’t break or malfunction easily notwithstanding spills and accidents.

Giving a Playskool bicycle along with a pretty helmet to ensure the safety of your little princess is a good idea. Moms may buy their little girl a shorts and shirt set with her favorite character and helmet with matching color and design. Gear her up and she’d be all set to race away using her lightweight Glide to Ride Bike Girl. The bike package comes with handlebars and pad, pedals, and Allen wrench. Such a toy that looks nice and works smoothly can score high with kids who want something exciting that can literally take them places. It’s a great buy since there are two options in one cool package. Opting for a topnotch quality brand of kiddie bike ensures safe cycling for years to come. Because of its nice design, just about any kid will love to  drive around the kiddie bike – at the park, or in the backyard at home.

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