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HedBanz Game - Edition may vary
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Hedbanz is a fun board game that provides entertainment to the whole family. The goal of the game is to find out the answer to questions about who are what you are, all this in a very small period of time as the game comes with a sand clock, so once the time is finished, your turn is over, and time pressure create lots of fun.. As an example, you can start asking questions like, am I a vegetable? And if the answer is yes, you can start going deeper asking questions like, am I a tomato? Each time you guess an identity, you get rid of one of your chips. The person who gets rid of all his/ her ships first is the one who wins the game.

What is included in Hedbanz box?

The Hedbanz game comes with 74 picture cards, a sand-clock timer, 24 chips, a rule sheet and 6 headbands. The 74 pictures have images of food, animal or common object which are what you need to guess.

Overall this is a fun game for the whole family, but one of the things that we really like about this game is that this promotes not only deductive skills of the little ones but also to play in teams if it is decided to play that way.

Hedbanz Board Game is designed for ages 6 and up; really this game is designed for the entertainment of the whole family. If you are looking for fast paced game that provides fun and entertainment to the whole family, Hedbanz is your choice.

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