KRE-O Transformers – BUMBLEBEE

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KRE-O Transformers - BUMBLEBEEKRE-O Transformers – BUMBLEBEE is a two in one construction set that brings the popular character in play like never before. You are at liberty to build your own character in robot mode. You are again at liberty to use the same bricks in assembly of vehicle mode. KRE-O Transformers – BUMBLEBEE includes three possible KREON mini figures.  The mini figures are meant to accompany children to the adventures they are likely to imagine. KRE-O Transformers – BUMBLEBEE is recommended for children from the ages of 7 to 14. This character is popularly known for the immense fighting skills, humor and big heart whether in robot or vehicle mode. With KRE-O Transformers – BUMBLEBEE you have a full set of construction pieces that have everything you need. You can build and rebuild until you have the right set to defeat your enemies. Another important feature about this toy is that the bricks are compatible with other construction sets from leading suppliers. Other features included with KRE-O Transformers – BUMBLEBEE are projectile launcher brick, blaster, removable wings and three KREON mini figures.

Benefits of purchasing KRE-O Transformers – BUMBLEBEE

  1. Fun. This game is more fun than other traditional transformer games out there. More fun is achieved with the intense fighting.
  2. Easy to assemble. Assembling of this set rarely takes one hour. It is both easy and simple. You can assemble any foam of shape and figure you want.
  3. Liberty to build any character. The kid is left with the liberty to decide which character he/she should build. You can build both large and small character to fight your enemies.
  4. Different modes. It has both the robot mode and vehicle mode. You are at liberty to decide which way to go. You can use both modes in fighting.

KRE-O Transformers – BUMBLEBEE Features

-       Build your favorite TRANSFORMERS hero, BUMBLEBEE, in vehicle or robot mode with this 2-in-1 set of 335 KRE-O construction pieces!

-      Includes 3 KREON figures: BUMBLEBEE? RED ALERT? And Driver!

-       2-in-1 KRE-O construction set lets you build BUMBLEBEE as a robot figure or as a sports car!

-      In robot mode, convert wings on BUMBLEBEE figure into a glider for KREON figures to ride on! In vehicle mode, up to 2 KREON figures can ride inside the sports car!

-       Set includes 335 KRE-O pieces and 3 KREON figures. Product does not convert.

-      Ages 7 to 14

KRE-O Transformers – BUMBLEBEE Reviews

At amazon there are a total of 27 customer reviews about KRE-O Transformers – BUMBLEBEE. Out of the total, 8 and 11 customers have rated the product as a five and four star respectively. By using this statistics we can conclude that KRE-O Transformers – BUMBLEBEE is performing well in the market and has achieved customer satisfaction. In conclusion of this topic let’s consider some of the customer reviews about KRE-O Transformers – BUMBLEBEE found at amazon;

“Got this for my son, they are just as great as Lego and look just like them. Per price it seems you get a little more for the money. My son can easily integrate these with his Lego blocks. Here are much better then mega blokes and the c name ones that do not stay together. The color is a little different they are a little less opaque but what kids will question that. Look forward to new series not just transformers.”


KRE-O Transformers – BUMBLEBEE is a great game for kids who love fun and want to be engaged. If you are a parent and have kids who love robots and construction then KRE-O Transformers – BUMBLEBEE is a must buy for them.

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