Kung Zhu Pets Battle Arena

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Kung Zhu Battle Arena
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Retail Price: $34.99
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Kung Zhu Pets Battle Arena is the new sensation form Zhu Zhu hamster. This itme the hamsters are ready for combat, specifically for martial arts combat. The Kung zhu Special forces are ready to go to combat in this new battle.

The Kung Zhu battle arena comes with accessories like flags and is the perfect setup for the battle show. The warriors enter to the arena through underground tunnels and this is so colorful that makes the perfect theater for the ultimate battle of the hamsters

As you can imagine, if we are talking about a battle of hamsters, it means we need more than one, and in this case, we are talking about 8 hamsters each has its unique color and sound and are part of different categories like the special forces category or the Ninja warrior.

The Kung Zhu pets can be purchased separately if you want. There is also deluxe edition which is more complete. However, the regular edition will definitely bring lots of fun to your little one.

The Kung Zhu Pets Battle Arena is designed for children aged 4 an up, and it is also one very popular toy. As you probably remember, last year was the Zhu Zhu pet fever year, it sold out very fast and given that this is part of the Zhuzhu pet family saga this is without a doubt a must have toy for your little one.

Overall, this is a fun an entertainment toy that is rapidly moving up in the list of top toys for boys this Christmas.

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