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In the early days, children always thought that learning the alphabet and numbers is all but a difficult mandatory task to do. They never see it as a particularly enjoyable opportunity since it often involves verbatim and some memorization. Yet today, with the synchronization of technology with education, kids are now eager to learn through the endless choices of easy and entertaining methods. It seems like the 21st century kids are more digitally inclined today than before, and thus it is only deemed appropriate to use technology to advance the their learning processes. As an example, the Leapfrog Leapster 2 game system has devised a few educational games to teach the kids the basic school skills such as spelling and counting.

The Leapfrog Leapster 2 is a battery-operated handheld game console that teaches the kids through educational games. This is basically a device for “learning-on-the-go” and is virtually compact and portable. Kids are fascinated by its ergonomic design as well as its full-colored touch screen. It is initially loaded with exciting educational games that the kids will surely enjoy for hours. Parents can also connect the console to the PC for assessing the recent activities of their kids along with the “rewards” that have been awarded for completing them. They can acquire more games through downloading from its official online source, the LeapFrog Learning Path, or through the available game cartridges for the game console. The popular game titles for Leapster 2 now include “Cars”, “Wall-E” and “Dora the Explorer”.

What includes the Leapfrog Leapster 2?

This portable game console has two pre-installed games: the “Dragons to the Rescue” and the “Creativity Art Studio”.  In “Dragons”, the kids can learn spelling and mathematics. The “Creativity Art Studio”, on the other hand, is like the ordinary Paint program in a PC. It allows your child to create artworks, which are printable through the special Leapster software on your PC. Parents can also upload both the artworks and game stats into the Leapster online site to track the progress of their kids.

The game console kit only includes a USB cable and a CD-ROM for connecting the device to the computer. A headset piece can be provided so that the kids may still enjoy the sounds without disturbing the others.

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