Making the leap: musical learning for your child with LeapFrog Musical Table

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LeapFrog Learn & Groove Musical Table
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LeapFrog Musical TableIntroduce your child to a world filled with music and learning with the LeapFrog Musical Table. Recommended for ages six months to three years, the musical table was created to give visual and auditory stimulation while at the same time helping develop motor skills. It is also designed in such a way that your child also learns about the colors and the alphabet. The older kids can also enjoy learning about the opposites.

The LeapFrog Musical Table sits flatly on the floor for your child to play with while sitting. It is brightly colored so it instantly attracts your child’s attention and is made from sturdy plastic so it can survive any amount of hitting your child will deliver. If your child wants to stand, you can adjust the height of the musical table by attaching its legs so he can keep playing.

Some of the things that your child can do with the LeapFrog Musical Table includes: spinning the maraca to hear the ABC song; sliding the trombone to count up to 10; sliding the cello to learn about the directions up and down; playing on the piano keys to learn about colors; and tapping on the drum to learn about primary shapes. The musical table is also programmed with over 40 songs and melodies you can access by flipping the “book pages”. These songs include nursery rhymes your child can sing or dance to, as well as individual instrument sounds.

With everything that your child can do with the LeapFrog Musical Table, it gives your child the chance to exercise problem-solving and memory skills with all the pulling and pushing and turning and sliding that they have to do. And since with just a flick of a switch you can go from English to Spanish, the musical table is also an ideal way to introduce foreign-language learning to your child. To run, some assembly is required on the musical table and it needs 3 AA batteries. Batteries are not included in the package.

As your child’s formative years are very important, make sure that you provide him with toys and gifts that are suitable for his age like the LeapFrog Musical Table. Don’t forget to supplement this product with activities at home that will also teach your child to count, learn the alphabet, and remember colors so your child enjoys an overall environment that is conducive for learning and growth.

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