LEGO City Airport

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LEGO City Airport

Lego City airport is bringing a 703 pieces Lego that will recreate the whole Airport experience.

Just imagine what do you usually do when going to an airport, do you enter and visit check in desk?, well you have that here. Do you have to go through security and have your luggage and other stuff going through security or pass through an X-ray Machine? Or maybe you like to take a coffer while waiting in the departure lounge. Well, the same experience is happening with Lego city airport.

As you may know, Lego used to set numbers to its series. This time the new Lego City Airport is coming with a set number 3182, and comes with all the accessories that you can imagine to make your Airport experience as it really happen in the real life. This Lego has 703 pieces, comes with a jet lane which is 50 cms long, it also comes with a 25 cm flight terminal and as any airport has, there is also a tower control. There is also 5 figures which are the pilot, passenger, flight attendant, service man and steward.

What is in the box?

  • 703 LEGO pieces
  • 5 mini figures: passengers, pilot, flight attendant, steward and service man
  • Features revolving door, baggage claim area, VIP lounge, café, soda machine, check-in area with x-ray machine
  • Airplane, terminal, control tower, baggage cart, crew, passengers, arrival and departure signs, and control tower

If you are looking for some Christmas gift that will promote the imagination of your kids, Lego is always a good choice. This lego City Airport will help them develop not only their building blocks and Lego skills but also their imagination as they can recreate stories about traveling, have the whole family on the airport and much more around the Airplane and airport experience.

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