LEGO City Corner (7641)

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LEGO City Corner (7641)
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Retail Price: $59.99
Amazon Price: $167.99

LEGO City Corner (7641)LEGO City Corner (7641) is an amazing Christmas gift for your kid.  With this unit, kids will build a corner scene from LEGO City.  LEGO City Corner (7641) features highly detailed working doors and windows, seat the minifigures on the bus or have them dine at the pizzeria. The sat also features a bicycle at the repair shop. This toy involves the kid’s mind mostly and is an effective way to prepare the kid psychologically. The bus measures over 7 inches long and 3 inches tall and the two story pizzeria measure 5 inches long by 7 inches tall.

LEGO City Corner (7641) has a total of five minifigures i.e. bus driver, pizza girl, skater boy, business man and mechanic and accessories. This unit is very nice especially for kids of 5 years and above.

Benefits of Owning LEGO City Corner (7641)

Easy to Assemble: LEGO City Corner (7641) has modular designs and easy to follow instructions that are featured in this set makes it relatively easy to build out the set. Kids of 8 years of age can take up to a maximum of 2 hours to complete the whole set. LEGO City Corner (7641) also comes with big pieces making it easier for young kids to build the set easily.

Durable: LEGO City Corner (7641) features different parts and figures that are made from durable materials. This characteristic nature of this toy makes it suitable for kids as it will last for long.

LEGO City Corner (7641) Features

  1. LEGO City Corner (7641) has a total of 483 pieces
  2. Lots of details including working doors and windows, seat the minifigures on the bus or have them dine at the pizzeria
  3. Bus stop measures 5 inches long by 2.5 inches wide
  4. Bus measure 7 inches long by 3 inches tall
  5. Features 5 minifigures i.e. bus driver, skater boy, pizza girl, business man and mechanic and accessories

LEGO City Corner (7641) Review

This is an excellent toy for kids. It is very fantastic and glamorous and majority of the customers who have bought LEGO City Corner (7641) have found it to be very fun and educational. This is the toy that prepares your kid psychologically. Customers at amazon have rated LEGO City Corner (7641) highly. For instance out of 30 customers who reviewed this unit, 26 customers rated it with 5 star while 3 and 1 customers rating LEGO City Corner (7641) with 4 star and 3 star rating respectively. According to these statistics, they imply that this unit is an amazing toy for kids. Here one of the customers said about LEGO City Corner (7641).

Great Lego Addition to Our Collection,

I bought this for my daughter who is building a Lego town. She really found it easy to build, except for the bus which was a little tricky. It is fun to sit the people in the pizza parlor at tables. Also, you can get the pizza lady to put a pizza in a little oven with a door that opens. On the second floor of the pizza parlor there are windows that open. There is a skate shop that sells skateboards and hats. It comes with a guy that has a helmet and skateboard, so you can ride him around the city. The bus stop has a bench area that people can sit on especially a little business man guy. The detail in this set is impressive. Lego has come a long way since I was a kid.”


LEGO City Corner (7641) is an excellent looking toy that features pretty sturdy minifigures. The toy is ease to assemble for kids. If you are looking for a Christmas gift for your baby, then I recommend that you buy LEGO City Corner (7641).

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