Lego Minotaurus Game

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LEGO Minotaurus Game (3841)
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LEGO brings a new way to play board games. Lego Minotaurus consist first in building a labyrinth and once it is built, is when the most exciting part of the game begins. This is not just a building set but a new board game. The objective here is to reach a hidden temple before your opponent does it, but it is not so easy, because this temple is fiercely guarded by a Minotaur.

How To Play The Lego Minotaurus Game

The game has several knights that are moving around to attack the minotaur in order to reach the hidden temple, but that is not easy, because the Minotaur also attack them back. In order to attack or block the knights and the minotaur it is possible to build additional walls making the labyrinth more complex and makes the game more challenging.

The nice thing about this game is that each time you play is a completely different game as the walls and how to attack or block the minotaur is always different. The first knight who reached the hidden temple is the one who win the game.

What’s Included In The Game?

It comes with instructions to build different types of labyrinth, a buildable LEGO dice, a booklet that includes all the rules of the game, 12 Lego figures, 224 Lego pieces and one Lego Building board.

Lego Minotaurus si for children  7 to 12 years olf and it is possible to have from 2 to 4 players at a time.

Why Lego Minotaurus is the new sensation Lego board game?

This is 2 entertainments in one; it combines the classic Lego building set skills with an exciting board game, and the experience is never the same. Even though it is build for children from 7 to 12 years old, it is definitely a very nice entertainment for the whole family.

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