Building with the LEGO Pink Brick Box

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LEGO Pink Brick Box (5585)
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LEGO Pink Brick BoxWith Christmas just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start looking for gift options. If someone is eyeing a fun yet educational gift for their growing little girls, then the LEGO Pink Brick Box is the perfect gift for them. Knowing how picky kids these days can be, they should be given no less than a toy like this. Not only does it comprise of a whole container full of colorful bricks, it also has several other added accessories that will provide additional entertainment.

The LEGO Pink Brick Box comes with 402 pieces of bricks that come in 12 vibrant colors such as pink, green, and blue among others. Kids can make use of this multitude of individual brick pieces to create and build anything out of their imagination. They can mix and match the colors of the bricks and construct their own little structures based from whatever they can see or think of. Apart from the colorful bricks, the LEGO Pink Brick Box also has complimentary accessories that can be used by the kids. They can decorate their creations with accessories that include but are not limited to flowers, wheels, and windows. Their makeshift toys can also be placed on top of the building plate with the mini figure that also comes in with the box. The LEGO Pink Brick Box also has an instruction booklet which has a set of building options they can start off with, and eventually take off from. After they have spent hours and hours of playing, the fix up process is fun in itself what with the pink storage container that can hold all the bricks. There is just so much that one can do with this toy that it would be a shame to waste it on toys that can easily break. Why purchase a toy that one can grow bored with if they can get this versatile toy instead.

This is definitely a wonderful toy that will leave any kid preoccupied and playing for several hours for a long period of time. It is a great gift that any kid can play with either alone and more so with the company of family and/or friends. If anyone is looking for something to give to kids who have been nice all year long, then they better make sure to check out the LEGO Pink Brick Box which is a no-fail must buy toy!

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