LEGO Space Center 3368

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LEGO Space Center 3368
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LEGO Space Center 3368With LEGO Space Center 3368 you can prepare the rocket for blast-off. This toy is amazing for lovers of NASA space mission and is accompanied with great fun and experience. Fill the rocket fuel, use an elevator to get the astronaut to the top of the launch platform and prepare for launch from the control center. LEGO Space Center 3368 enable kids to enjoy sending LEGO city space explorers on mission to mars and other planets. LEGO Space Center 3368 has a mechanic that you can use to adjust the rocket engines. Featuring an activate-able elevator that loads the astronauts into their cockpit, LEGO Space Center 3368 is a must have gift for kids who loves rockets and science. LEGO Space Center 3368 has a lot of playability and every part of this toy work like a real mission to space like the Titan III or the Atlas V providing endless fun and imagination for kids. Everything in LEGO Space Center 3368 works systematically. LEGO Space Center 3368 features one rocket, control center, countdown clock, satellite, launch platform, vehicle, fuel tank, tool station and a spacesuit.

Benefits of Owning LEGO Space Center 3368

1. Fun: with LEGO Space Center 3368, kids will enjoy missions to space just like the real space missions. This toy provides endless fun and imagination to kids.

2. Educational: LEGO Space Center 3368 reflects what is done in space missions. This toy is good for kids who love space exploration, rockets and science. LEGO Space Center 3368 is very involving and ignites the mind of the kid making him/her to be more aggressive of what is done on space missions. With the various parts of this toy, the kid must be sharp in order to launch the rockets to space.

LEGO Space Center 3368 Features

  1. With LEGO Space Center 3368, the kid can monitor the launch from the control center and prepare the rocket for blast-off from the launch platform.
  2. This unit features 2 astronauts, an operator and a mechanic that is used to adjust the rocket engines.
  3. Accessories include count-down clock, spacesuit, vehicle, fuel tank and tool station
  4. Load the satellite into the rocket and prepare the astronaut for launch.
  5. Load the satellite before blast-off and activate elevator to lift the astronauts up to the cockpit

LEGO Space Center 3368 Review

LEGO Space Center 3368 is an amazing LEGO set for any kid who loves space missions. It has lots of playability and everything in this unit works like a real satellite launching rocket. Customers of LEGO Space Center 3368 have found this toy very fun and educative. For instance at, 2 customers reviewed this unit and all of them rated this unit with a 5 star rating. If we go by this rating then, LEGO Space Center 3368 is an outstanding space mission toy for your kid. It is an excellent Christmas gift that you can buy for your kid. Here is what one of the customers said about LEGO Space Center 3368.

“Lots fun and imagination for 5 years old!

Couple with a few YouTube videos of rocket launches, this LEGO set will provide endless fun and imagination for a 5 year old. The rocket itself contains a “payload module” to either contain an astronaut or a satellite. The launch pad has quite a bit of details, including an “elevator” to go up and down, A very fun LEGO overall.”


LEGO Space Center 3368 is an excellent toy with lots of playability. This is the best Christmas gift for your kid. It is durable and very educative. With LEGO Space Center 3368 you can enjoy exciting missions to space.

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LEGO Space Center 3368
LEGO Space Center 3368

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