Little People Animal Sounds Farm—Experience the Farm Life Right Inside Your House

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Little People Animal Sounds FarmLucky are the kids who get to live in or near a farm. They learn first hand about different farm animals – what they are called, what sound each animal makes, how each of them eats, sleeps, and grooms itself, and what role each of them plays in the farm. At an early age they get to see how it is like to work in the farm and have that simple and close to nature kind of life. City dwellers, however, need not be envy. Our kids can experience a sound farm life here in the middle of the city, or anywhere in the country for that matter, through Little People Animal Sounds Farm by Fisher-Price.

Since its foundation in 1930 by Herman Fisher and, husband and wife, Irving and Margaret Price, the Fisher-Price company has been providing us with toys for our babies, toddlers, and children that are not only fun to play with but are also a means to develop learning. In fact, it has been stated that Fisher-Price has produced nearly 5,000 different toys. Among Fisher-Price’s most sought after line of toys is the Little People. The Little People line includes figures of animals and people as well as play sets of farm, house, school, and a lot more; the Little People line continues to expand.

Among this Little People line is the Little People Animal Sounds Farm. This is not the first time Fisher-Price made a miniature farm as a toy set. Actually, the first play set introduced by Fisher-Price is a farm set, the popular Play Family Barn. That was back in 1968. Play Family Barn has a barn door which when opened makes a sound imitating that of a cow (“moo”). Today, Fisher-Price’s farm is not limited to the “moo;” there are “clucks,” “oinks” and “neighs” too.

Each animal in the Little People Animal Sounds Farm has its own living space and the door for each room makes the sound of the particular animal living there. The animals that come in this set are horse, chicken, pig, and sheep. The sheep, however, lives outside the barn and makes the “baa” sound when a button is pushed. The sound is audible enough and not too loud and too long making the animal sounds not annoying to hear.

Of course, someone should be working on the farm. In this farm, it is Jed the farmer. The barn has a loft with a bed that tilts up where Jed sleeps, and a workbench with Jed’s tools.

Also included in the Little People Animal Sounds Farm are the cart which has a bale of hay and can be attached to the horse, windmill, rooster weather vane, and a scarecrow. 

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