Littlest Pet Shop Rescue Centre

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Littlest Pet shop rescue centre is a fun way to engage your child with pets, how to take care of them and create some consciousness about responsibilities. This play set has the whole intention of helping your child cure toy animals. The playset comes with a Dalmatian dog who is the one who really run the whole pet care centre.

How to play with the littlest pet shop rescue centre?

The littlest pet shop rescue centre, also comes with an ambulance, and whenever an accident happens, you can use the ambulance to run and bring a pet to the care centre to be examine by a doctor; you can even take x-rays and place the patient in different recovery beds.

As a good rescue pet centre, this comes fully equipped with stocked medicine cabinets that can be opened and closed completely, there is also a detachable basket swing where the doctor can placed the patients for their fully recovered. Also, as every hospital it has its operating hours and once it is closed, you can literally close the playset sides so everything will be there safety for the next time you want to play, which means this is an easy way to storage it

Overall, the Littlest pet shop rescue centre is a fun way to have your kids playing with their imagination while learning how to take care not only of pets but everybody.

This toy is designed for kids who are 4 years old and above.

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