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Loopz Game
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Loopz Game by MattelIt, has become one of the most expected video games for this coming holidays.

A few of the evaluations through numerous video gaming publications mention that Loopz is a must to have game toy for this Christmas season But what is all this hype about?

Loopz is an online game for kids age range 7 and above. The overall game guarantees to become a great device which will help develop and improve your child memory while having lots of fun

Loopz consists of four semicircular slot.  Every position offers different color and a motion detector which is really the essence of the game as it will make combination and will create different challenges.

It is possible to have up to 4 people playing at the same time and it comes with 7 different modes to play – “Music Studio”, “Reflex Master”, “Free style DJ”,”” Repeat the Beat” “Versus Mode”, ”, “Musicology”, and “Rhythm and Flow”

How to Play Loopz the Game?

Music Studio: You can create your own music by introducing your hands in each of the slots. However, the nice thing about this is that you can select up to 10 different kinds of instruments.

Reflex Master: The goal here is to test your reflexes. The goal here is to tag all the light that you can in a period of 30 seconds

Free Style DJ: The lids can choose the style they want by waving yheir hands making a circle shape

Repeat the Beat:  Here the kids need to repeat the beat as it appears on Loopz

Versus mode: Here you can have only 2 people playing at the time, what Loopz does is to create a pattern and repeat the pattern until one of the person can follow it.

Musicology:  This allows to build music by completing and following some patterns.

Rhythm and Flow: This is similar to repeat the beat mode but in this case only one player can play and it has 3 different levels.

Overall, Loopz is a great game and it promises to be a great entertainment not only for your kids but for the whole family

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