Melissa & Doug Classic ABC Block Cart Set

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Melissa & Doug Classic ABC Block Cart

Babies begin showing their interest in toys based on how they react with rattles, teeth toys, balls, and crib mobiles. While these toys attract their attention, they do not really have a significant educational impact on children. However, the moment they turn old enough to start mumbling words and eventually being reciting numbers and letters, blocks are the next best toy to equip them with. The Melissa & Doug Classic ABC Block Cart in particular is one handy, simple, yet useful toy for any growing and learning child.

The Melissa & Doug Classic ABC Block Cart has 30 alphanumeric blocks perfect for any child’s fancy. It contains 30 colored wood blocks which contains certain pictures, letters, and numbers. The toy comes with a wooden pull cart where the blocks can be arranged to each child’s preference. The blocks are light and can easily be grasped even by little fingers, hands, and maybe even toes. Children can form words, arrange numbers, and create building stacks from these cute and brightly colored blocks. It will help them prepare for school by teaching them about the alphabet and numbers, while they have fun playing with the cart. At the end of each play session, the kids can easily fix the blocks into the container and drag their cart to any storage location. Given the compact size of the Melissa & Doug Classic ABC Block Cart, putting it in any location should be a breeze for any child. It should, however, be kept with no pieces left, as it may be somewhat dangerous given the size of the blocks. It can lead to tripping or toppling over of a child if not properly kept. For younger ones, they might also consider putting the blocks in their mouth if left alone and unsupervised. Apart from these possible areas of the concern that need to be looked into, the block and toy card is very much kid friendly.

There is no mistaking the potential of this toy. The Melissa & Doug Classic ABC Block Cart will not disappoint in terms of developing the children using them. At the early stages of their development, it is important to have them exposed with mediums that are not limited to technology alone. This toy will preoccupy them in positive way that may not necessarily be how other toys can and will do.

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