Let Your Kids Play Pretend with Melissa & Doug Food Groups

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 Melissa & Doug Food GroupsSome research show that pretend play helps kids apply newly-learned skills to significant life activities. A lot of experts in child development agree that this helps a kid develop a skill that he can find useful in real life. This is why kitchen toys are quite common in a lot of households with young children. Kitchen toys are often used by parents to teach their kids about safe food preparation. Kids are fascinated with the different household chores that they see their Moms do. They enjoy imitating their Moms while they clean the house, wash clothes, and cook dinner.

There are a lot of kitchen accessories to choose from that can complete your kid’s play kitchen. There is wide variety of pans, pots, aprons, and play food. Other kitchen staples like a refrigerator can also be added in to give your kids a more realistic feel. Popular toys like the Melissa & Doug Food Groups help familiarize kids about the different types of foods. During playtime, parents can introduce their kids to fruits and vegetables, and the other food groups. They can make them understand the importance of having a balanced diet.

The Melissa & Doug Food Groups have a wide selection of wooden food toys. It introduces all the four food groups to your children. These are divided into four different wooden crates for easy storage. With the use of this pretend toy, you can teach your kids about the importance of eating healthy, based on the four food groups. This high quality pretend play food set enables your kids to mix and match when preparing pretend meal.

The 21-piece medium-sized food toys from Melissa & Doug Food Groups are made from wood so they are guaranteed to last for a long period of time. The foods appear realistic which enables your kids to identify the different food groups properly. Kids aged three years and above will enjoy playing with these durable food toys.

Getting your kids this pretend play set will help enhance their creative development. It enables them to be imaginative and enhances interaction when they play with their siblings or their friends. 

A pretend kitchen will teach your kids the value of time and being organized, two important skills that they can bring with them in their adult lives. And the Melissa & Doug Food Groups will further teach them the value of eating healthy which they can pass on to their own kids.   

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