Mindflex Game

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Mindflex Game
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Mindflex GameYet another game….?   “No, not at all”

Mindflex mental game is a very special one comparing to any other game. Actually, this wonderful Mindflex game cannot be compared with any other game and it is that much special, and that much different. The joy you experience in this game also very special and entirely different.

The difference is…

Mindflex mental game is not a card or board or dice or computer game. It is all about moving a ball. But no bat, cue, club, stick, foot, hand or finger is used to move the ball. It is your mind-power you use as the bat or cue to make the ball moving. Without toughing the ball you move the ball in Mindflex game. May be little hard to believe. But it is 100% true. Mindflex game uses your mental power to manipulate all its functions, leaving your hands or fingers helpless.

Is a toy coming with this kind of advance technology?

You won’t believe what we say. And you may doubt, we are trying to sell you some fake. This is a toy manufactured by MATTEL of The United States, one of the largest and oldest toy makers in the world exists since 1945, who never makes fakes. The secret behind their successful sustaining in the toy market such a long time is the quality of their products and their honesty.

If you still cant believe it Watch this video for your self and it will tell you everything about Mindflex mental game.

What is this Mindflex mental game…?

The EEG headset coming to you with Mindflex gamecaptures your brain waves and according to the strength of your mind-waves, it signals to fan of the Mindflex  game unit to speed up or down the fan to flout the Styrofoam Ball to required level to pass the set obstacles. At the time this game was released in 2009, scientists had a suspicion whether this toy actually works according to the brain-waves or it is just a random movement of the ball, but later accepted the fact that the brain-power through the headset is doing this total function controlling.

Please listen to what our customers sayabout Mindflex mental game…


I preordered this for my autistic son’s 14th birthday and was happy that it arrived before his big day. The biggest praise I can give to this game is that it actually SLOWED MY SON DOWN and kept him in place for more than 5 minutes!!!… By . Kim “Kim”

A mind trainer…!

…So why am I recommending this toy? Because studies have shown that if you can increase frontal lobe activity through exercises like this, you can increase objective measures of concentration (e.g., amount of time engaged with a task) and decrease measures of impulsivity… by Scott A. Herbst

Costly… ?     No!  Really worth…!!

Seemed like a lot of money for a toy that, quite frankly, I was skeptical of. However, I have a 10 year old with a thirst for Science, and so I ordered it. To my amazement, it has given him many hours of enjoyment and surprised his friends, as well….by Donald J. Miller “Dr. D”

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