MobiGo Touch Learning System: A Wonderful QWERTY Toy

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MobiGo Touch Learning System

VTech is known to produce good quality, smart and educational toys for kids. With the new MobiGo Touch Learning System, there is no doubt that VTech is the market leader for educational and exciting games for kids. This latest innovation is perfect for children between the ages 3 and 8.

Your kids will definitely have a grand time playing with this new interactive game. This educational toy comes with an interactive touch screen which allows kids to tap through the different activities. Like all VTech products, the MobiGo Touch Learning System provides kids with knowledge on English, Math, logic, etc.

This new educational toy is a mobile game platform the size of a paperback novel. It has an attractive colorful design. It comes with a sturdy casing that can withstand wear and tear. Toys are often dropped or banged, whether intentional or not that is why most parents are more inclined to buying durable toys that will last long. Especially in this time of economic instability, these parents choose toys that will sustain their kid’s interest longer. They also choose toys that will not be outgrown by their kids quickly.

The MobiGo Touch Learning System is equipped with a 3-inch bright touch screen that provides the primary interface. But it is still equipped with the traditional controls like a d-pad and an action button. An interesting feature is its unique full QWERTY keyboard that is revealed when you push the screen up.

It is also worthy to mention that this toy’s technology is way ahead of its time. The MobiGo Touch Learning System looks and feels like the gadgets that you yourself use. This new VTech toy will teach your kids some basic school skills with the use of some characters that they love like Dora the Explorer, Shrek, Mickey Mouse, and Disney Princesses. With their favorite cartoon characters guiding them will surely delight your kids to no end. Learning becomes a fun for them. There are several software cartridges that they can interchange with more than one level of play that will keep them occupied for hours especially if you need to go out for some errands or there are household chores that need to be done.

The new VTech MobiGo Touch Learning System will greatly help your kids to acquire the basic school skills they need. They will enjoy their learning experience because they will have fun playing while learning. This will surely be the perfect gift to give your kids this Christmas.

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