Monopoly Revolution – The New Monopoly Board Game

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MONOPOLY Revolution
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Monopoly Revolution  - Compare  PricesMonopoly Revolution was brought by Hasbro to celebrate its 75th anniversary year. In this new success Monopoly made some interesting changes to its classic game. This time, instead of having the traditional square and property board game, Monopoly brings a round board, and the value of the properties has increased significantly so it can reflect what the current real estate market is.

The essence of the game is the same, you can still collect properties, and make them grow and have some nice hotels obviously these are not the ld style houses and hotels that the classic monopoly has, but in this case we are seeing new style houses and hotels. Also, as it used to be before, you will continue collecting money each time you pass the GO position and move to the next round, but this time would be a couple of million instead of the hundreds that used to be before.

New features to Monopoly Revolution:

A very nice device that Monopoly Revolution is brining this time is a new game-pod which help with the tracking of the millions that the players are constantly trading and that acts as a banker and a dice. It has very interesting soundtracks and as amazing as it sounds, it could even be able to make the credit card payments, something that we didn’t have in the previous version.

Overall, this is a nice refresh of the classic Monopoly, which was always the best way to teach children how to negotiate, dealing with numbers and the value of creating passive income.

Monopoly Revolution is designed for children aged 8 and up, but really it is a great game for the whole family and one of the best gifts for Christmas.

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