Mrs. Potato Head Silly Suitcase

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Playskool Mrs. Potato Head Silly Suitcase
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Mrs. Potato Head Silly SuitcaseEver came across a toy that made you recall nice childhood memories? Such a toy is surely one you’d want to share to your own little  nieces, nephews, and your own kids. One toy, whose origins date way back to the early 1950s (when the original toy item was first sold), is one that was invented by George Lerner. His innovative toy: Mr. Potato Head.

Mr. Potato Head charmed his way into many households following a television advertising blitz in 1952. His significant other, Mrs. Potato Head, eventually gained acceptance, too. Before long, the Potato Head family grew and with new family members came accessories (car , boat trailer, kitchen, stroller, etc.) to complete a kit. Fast forward to the present age, when most kids tend to lose themselves in DVDs and toy gadgets with all sorts of sounds and images.  Toys abound today, but some good things do last. Some parents still opt for simple yet functional, baby-friendly toys that contribute to fond childhood memories – like Mr. or Mrs. Potato Head . Take for instance a toy called or Mrs. Potato Head Silly Suitcase.  A child will normally take a toy and play with it for about two minutes, then drop it and move on to another toy, play with it for a couple of minutes, and  move on again to another toy. With Mr. Potato Head (or the missus) Silly Suitcase, which is recommended for kids aged three to five years, the wacky looks and many different things that can be done with the toy makes it a terrific option.

Kids approaching four or five will do well with toys that help develop hand-eye coordination, experiment with various configurations, learn shapes and enjoy colors.  Toys like Mrs. Potato Head Silly Suitcase, in particular, help spur a child’s creative thinking and create a happy disposition. Mrs. Potato Head  is suited for girls. Her suitcase is filled with fun stuff to create many different expressions and looks. It includes four ears, different pairs of eyes, tongues, mouths, and noses. The accessories are also nice to play with.  Since they’re small parts, a supervising adult may be necessary, especially for tots in the lower age bracket for whom the toy is also suited for. The fun accessories include a floral hat, a ribbon hat, sunglasses, shows, handbags, slippers, visor and a carrying case. Mrs. Potato Head with her suitcase is an intriguing gift any girl who loves dressing up little toy characters will love.

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