Quiddler Card Game

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Quiddler Card Game
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Quiddler Card GameQuiddler Card Game is considered to be a proprietary game which was presented by the well known games publisher ‘Set Enterprises’, based in Arizona. “Set” has introduced many excellent games to the world which became so popular with no time due to their excellence. ‘Set’ has also won many merit awards such as MENSA, Games Magazine, Parents Magazine, Dr. Toy, Parents’ Choice, Teachers’ Choice and ASTRA and Quiddler Card Game itself has won following lot of awards alone.

  • 2008 Monthly Top-10 Most Wanted Card Games
  • 2008 TDmonthly Classic Toy Award
  • 2008 Creative Child’s Seal of Excellence Award
  • 2007 Creative Child’s Seal of Excellence Award
  • 2005 Creative Child’s Preferred Choice Award
  • 2004 Newsweek – Perfect Present
  • 2004 ASTRA Hot Toys
  • 2002 First Choice by The Detroit News
  • 2001 Educational Clearinghouse A+ Award
  • 2001 3 Stars by The San Francisco Chronicle
  • 1999 Parents’ Choice Award
  • 1999 MENSA Select Award
  • 1999 Games Magazine ‘Games 100’ Award
  • 1999 Dr. Toy’s Best Vacation Winner
  • 1999 Parents’ Council Award
  • 1998 The Freedom Editions Award
  • 1998 Best American Game – Tiger Award

Now you may wonder what a game Quiddler Card Game could be to win such a lot of various merit awards. Of cause, it’s one of the few best games in the world.

This is how Quiddler Card Game goes

Quiddler Card Game pack has 118 cards each has an English letter printed in it. Each letter has a point value which is uneven across the alphabet. One game runs for 8 rounds. For the first round, one hand is three cards. For the 2nd round it will be four and so-on goes up to ten card at the 8th round. At the end of the 8th, the player who has the highest total points will be named as the winner of Quiddler Card Game. 

The task is making meaningful (allowable) words using these letters to score according to the value of those letters. Starting from three cards you get at first deal, you are ending up with ten cards. On every turn of Quiddler Game, a player should pick the top card from the draw-pile or from discard pile, and return one card from his hand into discard pile in order to maintain the amount of card in hand constant. Cards on draw pile are kept closed and the discard pile is kept open. As the game goes by, the draw pile gets slim and slim while the discard pile gets fatter. When there is no more cards on draw pile, cards on discard pile will be shuffled again and be kept closed as draw pile, if the game is still going on. Once one of the players completes making one or more words using all cards he has, it will be the announcement for the end, and Quiddler Card Game continues further only one more cycle for others to do what they can. In addition to the letter value count, 10 bonus points can be added for longest word, or for the most number of words.

This Quiddler Card Game is not a difficult game unless you don’t know how to make words. So it is great for kids for 8 years and above. Within one ground, you sometime make words and break them again to build high scoring words. Sometimes the card you dropped into discard pile in your last turn may be the one you want now. And sometimes the card you are looking for misses and passes deep into the discard pile in front of your eyes. Quiddler Card Game is like that. It is a luck and strategy mixed card game. It’s a fun and excitement mixed too.

You can’t see the Dictionary to make any word. But you can refer it to crosscheck others words once declared. So it develops your spelling, it develops your memory power, and it develops your vocabulary too. Quiddler Card Game  is a great game for any age above 8. So Quiddler Card Game really is a great family game. You can take Quiddler Card Game  anywhere you go, as it is just a pack of cards. So you can play Quiddler Card Game at home, in a flight, train, car or in any vehicle, in a vacation, or anywhere you go.

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