Qwirkle Board Game

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Qwirkle Board Game
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Retail Price: $34.99
Amazon Price: $20.95

Qwirkle Board GameQwirkle Board Game is a tactile wooden block game that uses both logic and strategy with creative multi-maneuver game play of scrabble. It has simple rules that can learn easily. With Qwirkle Board Game you will be creating columns and rows of matching colors and shapes in no time. The game is interesting and its main objective is to look for opportunities you can score big by placing a tile able to touch a number of pieces and can match both shapes and colors.

When playing Qwirkle Board Game the winner is determined by the player who wins most points. The highest points that can be achieved are when you are able to arrange 108 blocks. This game is really fun and interesting; it is likely to make kids get involved.

Benefits of purchasing Qwirkle Board Game

  1. Simple rules. Qwirkle Board Game is an easy-to-learn game. The game can be played with two, three, and four or even up to eight players.
  2. Family game. Qwirkle Board Game can be played for all ages. The game can be played by people between the ages of eight and eighty years. The game can be played by different family members
  3. Durable. Qwirkle Board Game has pieces made from wood and which are likely to last forever. The game is easy to travel with because all the pieces are stored in a little drawstring bag.

Qwirkle Board Game features

-          2-4 players

-          ages 6 and up

-          45 minutes

-          Games Magazine Award: Best Family Game Runner-up 2007

-          Mensa Best Mind Game Award Winner 2007; Major Fun Award Winner 2007

Qwirkle Board Game reviews

At amazon.com there are a total of 264 recent customer reviews. A total of 217 customers have rated Qwirkle Board Game has a five star, 39 customers have rated the product as a four star while the remaining customers rating the product an average of three star. Treating this analytics as customer satisfaction and a test of market performance it is possible to conclude that Qwirkle Board Game is a great game ever made and currently in the market for fabulous moments like Christmas birthdays and vacations. I the following paragraphs are the recent customer reviews highlighted from amazon.com

“Perfect Family Game This game is a blast. We have five people in my family, ranging from 3 to 31 that can all play and enjoy this game. With simple colors and shapes, even my 3-year-old has won a few games. This is definitely worth the money and belongs in any board game enthusiast’s game stash.”

“Fun Game, Great Quality Qwirkle is fun for all ages (8 to 88). First played our nieces’ Qwirkle on vacation with many different family members. All had a fun time with this game. The pieces are made of wood and will likely last forever! It’s easy to travel with and take to friends’, since all the pieces are stored in a little drawstring bag. Our family had so much fun with it, our newlywed son & his wife bought one for them and my husband & I just had to get one, too. Lots of fun and promotes problem solving/critical thinking skills in kids.”


Qwirkle Board Game is a game with great colors and shapes which are an essential element for a toy. This is the game that is easy to learn and quick play. Qwirkle Board Game is the perfect choice as a gateway game for a family as it has an immediate appeal for people of all ages. If you want a perfect game toy for your kids and family then Qwirkle Board Game is the best as it combines luck and strategy.

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