Be a Princess’ Stylist with Rapunzel Braiding Friends Hair Braider

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Rapunzel Braiding Friends Hair Braider“Rapunzel, let down your hair,” is the most famous line from Rapunzel, a German fairy tale from the collection of Grimm Brothers fairy tales. Rapunzel is very well known with her long, braided hair, which allowed the prince to climb up the tower, and ask for her hand in marriage.

Now, girls can braid Rapunzel’s hair and style it the way they wanted it with Disney’s Rapunzel Braiding Friends Hair Braider. Based on Disney’s Tangled film, this doll represents the Disney’s character so perfectly. Rapunzel was dressed with her iconic gown from the movie Tangles and of course her signature lengthy hair! Girls can now braid Rapunzel’s hair with the aid of her animal friends. Just put a portion of her hair into each animal friends, turn the handle and let the little friends do the braiding themselves! The princess doll and her little friends can also be removed from the braider and have the doll on the go for playtime. The head, arms and legs are also movable for different poses and doll role playing. Girls will definitely love the hairstyling fun as the princess’ hair locks into the sweetest style–the hair gets really braided and not twisted. The hair is also washable, as well as the gown. You can remove the gown and try other dresses on for dress up play.

The item comes with accessories, braiding wheel and animal friends. The accessories include a brush and ribbons for more hair play. It comes with raccoon, squirrel and rabit figures, barretes and the braider base. The doll was made of plastic, but strong and sturdy for lasting collection experience. The thing that is quite negative with the item is that it contains small parts that can pose a risk to children younger than 3 years old. Rapunzel got popular with her very long hair, so the doll comes with the same lengthy hair and one thing to think about when planning to get this doll is having the hair easily tangled. But with the braider, and the little animal friends, you can just keep the hair braided or styled to keep them from getting tangled. In addition to that, the crank might fall off after multiple turns. 

Disney’s Rapunzel Braiding Friends Hair Braider is also packaged adorably. With wonderful windows and easy to remove wrappings, this item is perfect as a gift for young girls.

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