Razor Aggressive Youth Multi-sport Helmet (Satin Pink) – Protects the head while you are playing

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Razor Sport HelmetA Helmet for kids…

Razor Aggressive Youth Multi-sport Helmet (Satin Pink) is a perfect head protection for your kids at any hazardous sport they are involved, like cycling, scooting, hiking, hill walking, skating and hose riding etc. whatever kids do, Razor Sport Helmet protects them from any head injury.

Why a Helmet…?

You can’t stop kids playing, as they need playing very badly for their healthy growth. You should neither confine their activities to any certain limitation as such restrictions may damage their mental development as well as the physical fitness. So only choice you have to protect them is providing all necessary safety precautions, mainly by means of safety gears, to prevent any potential injury. In that case, your prominent focus should go to the ‘head’ protection, as head injuries are hard to cure and sometimes causing sudden deaths. You never can compromise the life with any sport either. So, what you SHOULD do is providing the BEST head protection for your kids. And if you are confidence that Razor Sport Helmet is the best, please go ahead and order it today without delaying further.

Choose wisely…

Our objective is to sell Razor Aggressive Youth Multi-sport Helmet for our survival, but yours is different, and it is to provide the best precaution for head injuries to your son or daughter. So you may go through our description, go through customer reviews and decide which to buy.

What is this Razor multi Sport Helmet…?

Razor Sport Helmet is designed for kids above 5 years, with the size range from 22 ½ to 23 inches. And some optional extra pads are also included for a better fit for smaller heads. It clutches firmly to the head by the adjustable chin strap which buckles on and off in a snap. While providing a cool comfort internally to your kids’ head, the eleven perforations kept on the Razor Sport Helmet make its look great too. The satin pink finish attracts kids at once.

Razor Aggressive Youth Multi-sport Helmet also complies all the regulatory standard requirements set out by CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission, USA). 

Learn what customers say about Razor Aggressive Youth Multi-sport Helmet (Satin Pink) …

By Mikell M. Todd Jr. (Lake Waccamaw, NC USA)

Thanks goodness of this Razor Sport Helmet, my 7 year old daughter got a narrow escape. She was thrown off her cycle into a rough slope where she had got several rounds rolled down, ended up with many injuries all over the body. But her head was securely protected.

By Connie J. Lewis (Lafayette, IN)

We purchased two helmets for our granddaughters to wear while using their electric scooters. They are quite pretty, with the satin finish. They fit both girls well; ages 10 and 12. They must be comfortable because they wear them every time without reminding. We are pleased with the purchase.

By Alison Horrox “ALH” (Pennsylvania)

I bought two for my daughters 7 & 9 and I am very happy with quality and fit. This is a GREAT multi-sport helmet. Both of my girls now wear theirs for all activities while their other helmets are collecting dust.

Razor multi Sport Helmet 

Razor Sport Helmet is good in every mean. It ensures a total head safety. It keeps the head well ventilated. It fits to the head comfortably. It clutches the head firmly. It is easy and fast to put on and off. It is attractive. And top of everything its price is well affordable, and easy to purchase too. Give your kids your love and the protection of Razor Sport Helmet!

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