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Scrabble Flash
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Scrabble Flash CubesScrabble Flash Cubes game is an electronic approach for the game Scrabble. But it is not exactly the Scrabble game but a unique new game, also a much better, much advance, much exciting, much competitive and much enjoyable game of similar type. Isn’t it interesting to know about Scrabble Flash Cubes game better and deeper? 

This is the game….

In Scrabble Flash Cubes game you have only five letter tiles. They are not just letter tiles, but smart link letter tiles. They are really magic tiles. Electronically changing magic tiles. Playing with Scrabble Flash Cubes game means you are plying with a magician. It would really be an excellent experience. These tiles can change its letter from game to game. They can feel the letter what the adjoining tile has. they can start timing you playing and stop the game once the time of 60 seconds is over. They can understand the word you set using them. And they can give you points for the correct words you composed and give you the total score at the end.  So isn’t it a magic?

To play Scrabble Flash Cubes game what you need to do are

  1. Get five tiles and keep them touching their wall to wall, as a row. Still they are not showing any letter.
  2. Press the micro button of one of the tiles and then, a letter will appear on each tile for you.
  3. At the same time, the time counting down will also be started. So you need to be quick to make words to make as much words as possible within the given time.

Plus points….

It is needless to mention about the advantages you can get from Scrabble Flash Cubes game as it is very clear that

  • Your kids can improve their words-power and the quickness remarkably
  • Scrabble Flash Cubes game converts your kids’ playing time also into a very productive study time effortlessly.
  • Since Scrabble Flash Cubes is a universal game for any age above 8, the whole family can enjoy playing it
  • Since Scrabble Flash Cubes is not a lengthy game like Scrabble, you can use a very short time break to play it. One turn is only one minute. From two turns to any amount rounds you can play if the time allows.
  • No board is required to play Scrabble Flash Cubes game and it is easier to carry place to place too.
  • You can choose the way you play in three different ways like
    • Solo
    • Competitive &
    • slide, swap and shuffle
  • Since a booklet, on rules and instructions, is also coming with the Scrabble Flash Cubes it is really easy to begin and play.

People are happy about Scrabble Flash Cubes…

By Melissa Niksic (Chicago, IL United States)

The technology is innovative and quite impressive. The game is easy to figure out and fun to play. It’s a game that I think will be especially good for families to play with younger children who are trying to improve their reading and writing skills.

by GLENN LEVY “DVD collector” (Chicago)

Fun quick games are great with these. Great for kids at the airport or long road trips. I found it to be fun for short periods of time while not quite deep enough to hold interest after 30 minutes or so.

By Scott Bright “scottypotty” (Grayslake, IL USA)

I love this game. It was fun from the very first game I played. It’s really a neat concept. You shuffle the tiles and they know when you have made a word. In one game you make as many 3 to 5 letter words from the 5 letters you are given. Time runs out and then the tiles tell you how many you made and the possible words.  

Scrabble Flash Cubes

Since Scrabble Flash Cubes game is some electronic device, it looks a bit expensive. But, it is really worth it. You will never be repent on this buy as Scrabble Flash Cubes game is a perfect game for kids, teens and even adults at any age. 

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