TV Remote for Daddy and Sesame Street Silly Sounds Remote for the Little One

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Sesame Street Silly Sounds RemoteBy letting our child explore and play we are letting them learn more and develop. Some of the skills children develop through play are motor, language, and thinking skills. But what if what they wanted to play with is, actually, not a toy and needed for things in our house to function? Take the good old remote control for example. At a point in time, kids do get interested with the remote control of the TV and even of other appliances, or a similar looking device. We bet you rather give the kid a similar looking device. Try the Sesame Street Silly Sounds Remote.

The Sesame Street line is among the products merchandised by Fisher-Price, a company that has been providing high quality, fun, and educational toys for all age group since the 1930s. The Sesame Street line of products include a variety of toys featuring the characters from the famous TV show and it includes Sesame Street Silly Sounds Remote.

Fisher-Price Sesame Street Silly Sounds Remote looks like a TV remote with Elmo’s eyes attached on top of it. These eyes blink when the button at the side is pushed. Regarding the keypad, the buttons are arranged just like the buttons of a real remote control. Even the buttons for volume control are there. Each button in the remote makes a different sound making a total of 40 different sounds.  It could be the sound of a soccer ball, a rocket ship, a musical note, or lines from Sesame Street characters. One of the buttons has Cookie Monster saying “yum yum yum” and laughing. When the volume button is pressed you will hear Elmo’s voice counting up or down. You will sometimes hear Elmo talking and laughing getting your child’s attention back.

This toy is made of plastic sturdy enough not to get easily broken by toddlers. It is big enough for your child to hold yet small enough to be packed with your child’s things when going out. It requires two AA batteries to function. The batteries included when you purchase this product have a long life and usually take a year before needing replacement. The manufacturer recommends this toy for children 18 months to three years old.

The next time your child tries to reach for the remote control or when your child was able to get the remote and refused to hand it over, give the Sesame Street Silly Sounds Remote instead.

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