SingAMaJig Set: Stuffed Animal Idol!

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SingAMaJig SetA SingAMaJig Set is a cute, stuffed creature with a funky color and a singing voice. They can perform their own song, but if you collect all creatures, they can sing with great harmony when you get them near each other.

The plush toy was first introduced in the Javit’s Convention Center during the 2010 Toy Fair in New York. The toys are interactive plush toys wearing retro shirts. When you press their tummy, they open their mouths and sing. All SingAMaJig stuffed creatures have eight different vocal ranges. Get them together at once and the SingAMaJig Set toys will converse with each other in an unintelligible jibber jabber. Not only do they sing, but the mouth moves very realistically when it sings or speaks. It even reveals a tiny tongue and teeth when he opens his mouth.

There are at least eight types of SingAMaJigs: a blude dog, a pink bear, a purple dog, a read bear, a yellow bunny and an orange bear. The SingAMaJig Set is produced by Fisher Price and is available in eight colors and sings different songs and at different vocal ranges, from baritone to soprano:

  • Orange – ‘On Top of Old Smokey’
  • Red – ‘Where, Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone’
  • Orange – ‘On top of Old Smokey’
  • Purple – ‘Oh, Susana’
  • Teal – ‘When the Saints Go Marching In’
  • Mint Green – ‘It’s Raining, It’s Pouring’
  • Pink – ‘Skip to my Lou’
  • Hot Pink – ‘A Tisket, A Tasket’

What are the pros and cons of the toy? Of course, the toys are fun and quirky. They’re great value for your money, and easy to use. They provide several hours of entertainment. Cons are few, and not worth noting, but songs and colors are limited. There’s no customization and you’ll have to buy the whole set in order to fully enjoy the toy set.

The Set is one of the hottest selling toys this year because these toys can sing, providing children hours of entertainment. You’ve got to admit the SingAMaJig is a brilliant idea. They’re educational, too, because the toy encourages kids to develop an ear for musical tones. SingAMajig is the perfect toy for kids and the kids at heart. They are just too adorable that teens and adults even have a hard time putting them down. Collect all plush toys and have a choir or concert.

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