Smurf Movie Set

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Smurf Smurf Movie SetMovie Set is an international movie premiere released in the year 2011. It is a comic movie illustrated by Belgian cartoonist Peyo. It is made from a distinguished German toy company known as Schleich. Smurf Movie Set introduces children to 6 wonderful and amazing characters. Smurf Movie Set includes Smurfette, Dreamy and other interesting and funny features. It is a group of small blue fictional creatures known as Smurfs. Smurf Movie Set is the best collection you can have for your children. The story is based on the smurfs trying to escape from gargmel when they are all of sudden they get time to travel to New York City and later embarrassed. The smurfs enjoy running and skipping around their mushroom village while others like to keep fit and take part in sport activities if you are looking for the best movie toy at an affordable price and made from materials that are pretty tough and good appearance then you should consider Smurf Movie Set

Benefits of purchasing Smurf Movie Set for your children

  1. Quality construction materials. Smurf Movie Set looks really nice and is made from good materials with pretty colors.
  2. High quality toy. Being manufactured from a distinguished toy manufacturer it has a tag of quality before being released from the factory. This is a global guarantee for quality, safety and even for educational purposes.

Product features

-          Smurfs do everyday things, just like us

-          Add to your collection or introduce a child to the magical world of Smurfs

-          Quality construction features include hand-painted detailing

-          Every toy is given a Schleich “s” quality tag before leaving our factory. We see this as a global guarantee of quality, safety and educational standards

-          Set includes 6 smurfs

Smurf Movie Set reviews

In amazon there are a total of two recent customer reviews. All the two customers have rated Smurf Movie Set as a five star. If we treat this reviews as a test of market performance and customer satisfaction then we can conclude that Smurf Movie Set is a great movie toy ever made and currently in the market. To finish on this review let us consider some of the customer reviews found in

“I am a fan since I was a boy, so, for me it’s very important to have them. I love them all the way!”

They look pretty nice, made off good materials, pretty colors! From the last movie!

If you want to have them, this is what you are looking for and at very good price!”


Smurf Movie Set is the best movie toy out. It is fun and ends boredom for everyone in the family. If you are looking after the best movie toy out in the market that is affordable and really interesting then go for Smurf Movie Set.

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