Explore with Spin and Sparkle Blue Dora doll

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Dora is a famous character created by Nickelodeon, who embarks in different travels on each episode. Dora lives to explore and help others on her travels. She got so popular with her trips and her adorable character and friends.  Dora teaches the children Spanish by introducing phrases and short Spanish messages. She also allows the young viewers to get into interactive activities as she asks multiple questions in the show. Dora is a smart, bilingual, Latina heroine who stays in a house with her Mamá and Papi. Helpful, caring, determined and positive, Dora is always ready for an adventure. She is teeming with a sense of curiosity as she explores her world with her reliable and faithful Backpack, Map and her best friend Boots. Sometimes Dora explores with her cousin Diego, a great adventure partner as he can make animal noises and can even talk to wild animals!

Now with the Spin and Blue Sparkle Dora doll, kids can have a realistic figure of a friendly and adorable Dora, which the Nickelodeon describes as such. The doll was based on the famous Nick Jr. book titled, “Dora save the Crystal Kingdom”. The doll was clothed in a pretty, colorful gown. The skirt is made of China silk and designed with patterns of blue, pink and yellow. Kids can easily change Dora’s dress by simply spinning the crystal on the doll’s crown and a gorgeous crystal skirt in aquamarine will reveal. The face reveals the iconic eyes that Dora has and pink lips, which gives the toy a natural beauty instead of a clownish appearance. Dora has a soft, pretty hair that allows girls to brush and style it easily.

As any other toy, specifically dolls, Spin and Blue Sparkle Dora has its own drawbacks. Unlike a regular doll size, Spin and Blue Sparkle Dora is only about 5 inches tall. The only thing that the doll does is to change outfit every time the jewel in the tiara was turned.  It will not get much of the kids’ attention, but it can still be used in doll play time, role play and dress up. The toy is always ready to go, it is small in size and perfect to place in a kid’s backpack or diaper bag.         

If you are looking for a wonderful gift to young girls for also an adorable price, the Spin and Sparkle Blue Dora doll could suit your search. Dora has her way to the hearts of children enthralled with her little adventures.

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