Spy Net: Secret Mission Video Watch – What a Watch?

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Spy Net: Secret Mission Video Watch
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Retail Price: $49.99
Amazon Price: $84.88

Spy Net Video WatchAre you dreaming to be a famous spy agent?

Spy Net: Secret Mission Video Watch wraps around your wrist and makes you a spy agent, without knowing anybody else, even at the age of 8. Can a little child be a super spy like that? Is it really possible? Apparently impossible. But Spy Net Video watch can make many apparently impossible things possible.

No joke – It’s real …!

Though it is a toy, Spy Net Video Watch doesn’t mean only a toy. The built in camera of it is no toy and an actual real camera which can video and capture still photographs. The in-built microphone in no toy and can record audio as well as video. The 1.4 inch TFT screen is no toy but a real full color monitor screen to watch recorded videos and live playback. And the onboard memory of it also no toy but can store your spy works

Capabilities of Spy Net: Secret Mission Video Watch…

  • Can record and playback video clips, audio clips and take or view photos
  • Can record 20 minutes long video
  • Can record 4 hours long audio
  • Can take up to 2000 photos.
  • Or a blend of above three to any proportion
  • On top of everything, can do all these functions totally secretly.
  • Your battery is rechargeable and so as your memory store.

Spy Net: Secret Mission Video Watch is Useful in numerous ways…

This is a perfect instrument for a kid not only for spy works but also for preserving any kind of movement frozen to view later as you can save them in your Laptop, PC or in a CD or a sever. Your kid can use this Spy Net: Secret Mission Video Watch to learn film making as well as photography from his early age. so, the money you spend on Spy Net: Secret Mission Video Watch will never be a waste.

Is it cheaper to buy Spy Net Video Watch online? Really worth the cost? 

Yes. Compare Prices and Save Money plus No extra shipping charges – this item ships for FREE. 

Spy Net Secret Mission Video Watch, An all-in-one spy watch…

An excellent spy recorder compact with all necessary spy features such as video filming, audio recording or capturing photos at any incident important for a secret mission, viewing or playing back what had been captured, uploading and downloading facilities, refreshing memory and rechargeable batteries, your Spy Net: Secret Mission Video Watch is going to be a great gift and a great hit.

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