Squinkies Bubble Pack Make Fun Collectibles

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Squinkies Bubble Pack - Series One
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Retail Price: $11.99
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Squinkies Bubble Pack Many kids love to collect cute items, and Squinkies Bubble Pack is one of the most popular things to collect. Squinkies are tiny dolls inside a bubble gumballs, so children don’t know what’s inside until they pop it and open. Inside the bubbles is a pleasant surprise: there are two hundred different squinkie toys that may be inside: people, fairies, ponies, dogs, cats, babies, animals, pets, things and the like. You never know what’s inside so it always gives a thrill on what you may get next.

Squinkies are appropriately named because they are adorable, in a squishy and squashy sort of way. These tiny toys are sold per bubble pack or by play set, and have several series for you to collect. Each series contain 16 different toys, and the following sets are namely:

  • Cupcake Surprize Bake Shop Set
  • Tea Time Surprize Set
  • Gumball Machine Set
  • Palace Surprize Collection Set

Squinkies jewelry sets:

  • Birthday Surprize Set
  • Princess Surprize Set
  • Fantasy Surprize Set

Squinkies mini sets include:

  • Under the Sea Surprize Set
  • Royal Fun Surprize Set
  • Shopping Fun Surprize Set
  • Bride to be Surprize Set

Delicate and very versatile, the Squinkies Bubble Pack has many uses. You can collect and display it, or play it as a doll, wear it as an accessory like a necklace or bracelet charm, or use it as a pencil topper. By collecting enough Squinkies, your child can create their own Squinkies village, city, school or universe—creativity has no limits. The toys are all approved as a safe toy with no dangerous materials or parts used.

Squinkies Bubble Pack is a unique gift idea for youngsters, especially kids who love to collect toys. They’re fun and quite addictive, and parents will quickly warm up to these toys just as children. Plus, these toys have a price range of US $4 to $13 so they are set at an affordable price one cannot resist. Even some adults have a guilty pleasure of collecting these darlings. Be sure to check local retail and department stores if any Squinkies are available in, or near the area. There is no worry because the toys are available nationwide on major stores like Walmart. However, Squinkies are not recommended for infants, toddlers or kids below the age of five years because it may have fatal effects such as accidental choking.

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