Thinkfun Rush Hour

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Thinkfun rush hour : A Traffic-jam puzzle game

ThinkFun Rush Hour
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ThinkFun Rush HourWhat is this game?

Thinkfun rush hour is a puzzle game; A traffic jam puzzle to solve. Your child comes to the position of the traffic cop, and should command all the drivers in the block to move back and forth to get the red car out fast. You get 40 challenge cards to select one at the beginning of each game, which shows the picture of the starting set-up of the vehicles in the gridlock. So you need to arrange vehicles first accordingly, and then start moving them to get the ‘red one’ out. So Thinkfun rush hour traffic puzzle teaches your kid how to get the maximum use of the available space and resources to achieve our goals, which would be very vital lesson for your child for his entire life.

Building up kids’ future….

Thinkfun rush hour is a toy which can educate your kid how to drive a car in a middle of a traffic jam.  Isn’t it important for a kid at the age above three learning such an important task?  Yes. It is really important to induce a basic sense about driving and traffic rules etc into kids’ mindset at this very age and Thinkfun rush hour would be the best tool for the same. It trains the child to think strategically, to be patient and calm and to obey and follow rule and regulations. It also drives your child to achieve the final objective through a milestone plan, to move ahead step by step. He develops the habit to think positively and the undefeatable courage to face apparently impossible challenges. So, Thinkfun rush hour is game any child should be gifted. By doing so, not a simple toy you are gifting, but a strong foundation for the kid to build up a bright future.

Thinkfun rush hour is FUN for any age group….

Thinkfun rush hour can be played as a group game as well as a play-alone. It is a nice game to pass time when you are alone, to get rid of stress of long time continuous working – even for adults and to enjoy leisure time with friends and family. It is an easy to play game though is a strategy game, which has four level selections from a beginner to an expert.

This is what customers say….

My two children ages 8 and 7 love this, as do my husband and I. It’s great in building thinking skills. The challenging cards are enough to stump the adults, yet the beginner cards are a great starting point for the kids. A great game to take places where you have to sit and wait for awhile. I highly recommend it! By Kathleen Devincenzi

Every child who comes to our house & plays this game is hooked and wants to play again and again. I am a teacher by profession and this is a very unintimidating logic & reasoning game (for all ages)- I would highly recommend! I have just ordered 5 more to give as x-mas gifts this year by Adam E. Silbestein

Buy this best buy online and get these benefits…

Thinkfun rush hour as an award winner….

Thinkfun rush hour is highly popular in math classes in elementary schools around the world. It was also awarded with

  • Mensa National Award
  • 1999 parent’s Choice Recommendation

for its perfect design, finish and for the educational importance enriched.

The durable sturdy box in which Thinkfun rush hour Thinkfun rush hour comes is printed with all game instructions, and is dual purpose – as a game tray and as the preserving container too.

The Thinkfun Rush Hour is one of the most wanted Christmas gift for kids for 2010.

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