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Graphic images and moving contents are children’s best ideas of a fairy tale. You cannot simply blame technology for giving such notions to our youngsters since we are all taking advantage of it. Because of the current exposure to cartoons and other video games, children are more inclined to things that are animated. They easily get bored with traditional books because these usually contain plain texts. Children need to learn and, at the same time, enjoy what they have to learn. To address this problem, parents can use the V.reader animated e-book system.

Ebooks that are intended for kids can now be viewed through the V.reader animated e-book system. It is by far the only ebook reader that caters to contents that are specially designed for educating kids. This product has a 4.3-inch screen that uses touch technology for viewing the contents of children’s ebooks. Through this device, the stories are narrated in animated figures and moving texts. What is more interesting is that it can also play sounds from the stories. It is highly interactive and kids are learning better from it than from reading lifeless books. Aside from its capability to read animated ebooks, this device also features reading games and a dictionary. There are eight reading games included in each ebook cartridge.  These are helpful tools for providing kids with better reading experience

Most parents find this ebook reader as a child-friendly device. The screen can be easily navigated and the buttons are self-explanatory. A stylus pen is included in the kit for added convenience. However, unlike with the other children’s gadgets, the pen is not attached to the reader. Instead, there is a storage space provided for the pen for safekeeping. You just have to make sure that the pen is secured in place to avoid losing it

What includes the V.Reader Animated e-Book System?

The V. reader animated e-book system has a USB port and an SD card slot, which are necessary for expansion. There is also a jack for earphones to allow your child to “read” the stories without disturbing the others with the emitted sounds. This device is battery-operated (uses 4 AA batteries), but you can also use an AC adapter for running it. Storybook cartridges are available for purchase if you want to have a stock of reading contents for your child. You can purchase several storybook cartridges of famous cartoon series from several online stores. Dora the Explorer, Toy Story and Shrek are just some of the favorite storybook cartridges that your child may want try.

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