Vtech Kidizoom Digital Camera

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Vtech - Kidizoom Digital Camera - 2011 Version
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Vtech Kidizoom Digital CameraWith Vtech Kidizoom Digital Camera your kid is likely to be a superstar in taking photographs in different modes: photo editing, movies, photos and music all in one game. It is a long lasting and sleek design digital camera specifically manufactured for kids. With TV connectivity your kids can also view their work on TV screen. Vtech Kidizoom Digital Camera has an in-built memory of 256MB and can support up to 2GB SD memory card. With this features you can save more photos and movies. Another important aspect of Vtech Kidizoom Digital Camera is the inclusion of a new feature; photo editor which allows enlargement of photos to 2.0 mega-pixels.

Benefits of purchasing Vtech Kidizoom Digital Camera

  1. Real fun. With this camera you kid can enjoy taking photos, movies, music and editing photos all in one toy. This can secure your digital camera from being mishandled by children.
  2. Durable and sleek design. Being made from durable materials this camera is meant for long lasting. The sleek design enables easy grip by the baby.
  3. Adequate memory. There is enough built-in memory to take pictures.  Extra memory can be added by use of secure digital (SD). This camera can support up to 2GB. This is a massive storage.
  4. TV connectivity. Since this camera can be connected to the TV, kids can watch their photos or movies on the TV screen.

Vtech Kidizoom Digital Camera Features

-      Tough, easy-to-grip camera now with 2.0 mega pixel resolution!

-      Includes camera, video camera, photo editor and 5 hand-held games

-      256MB of built-in memory (stores 500+ photos or ten+ minutes of video)

-      Included CD-ROM photo editor can add additional silly frames and stamps,

-      Funny Face effects, kaleidoscope and distortion effects.

Vtech Kidizoom Digital Camera Reviews

At amazon there are a total of 137 customer reviews about Vtech Kidizoom Digital Camera. Out of the total, 89 customers have rated this toy as a five star. Another 22 and 11 customers have rated the product as a four and three star respectively. If this analytics is anything to go by we can conclude that Vtech Kidizoom Digital Camera is a great toy ever manufactured and currently in the market. In conclusion of this topic let’s consider some of the customer reviews about Vtech Kidizoom Digital Camera found at amazon:

“I bought this camera for my 5 year old because I was scared to death that he was going to destroy my digital camera that he was so fascinated with. This was the perfect solution to my problem. He had this camera for 30 min before he dropped it on some tile, picked it up and continued to take pictures. My camera would have been in multiple pieces if he would have done that. We now have great pictures of the dog, light switches, rocks, and plants and of course, the TV. I highly recommend this item. It keeps my son very entertained and it is great to see the world through a child’s eyes”

“We have 4 children and have had many “kids” cameras and have thrown many out that did not stand up to the abuse. This camera is the best!!! AND it’s for all ages. We first got a blue one for our 7 year old who LOVES it”


Vtech Kidizoom Digital Camera is a great toy made for fabulous moments. Not only is it educative but engaging and fun. With this toy camera you kid is like to be adventurous and taking a number of pictures at your home and compound. If you are looking for the perfect toy for your kid that is fun and really engaging  then checkout Vtech Kidizoom Digital Camera.

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