Vtech Tote and Go Laptop

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First step for a better future with Vtech Preschool Learning Tote and Go Laptop

Vtech Preschool Learning Tote and Go LaptopVtech; manufacturer for a number of electronic learning toys, this time presents you Vtech Preschool Learning Tote and Go Laptop for your kids, dear parents and grand parents. By gifting this educational toy, you are not simply gifting a toy for the child to play and enjoy but a strong foundation for a bright future for him/her too.

A variety of choices

Vtech Preschool Learning Tote and Go Laptop has 30 different activities for your child to select and do, in 4 groups as



  1. Forest Phonics
  2. Letter Fishing
  3. Missing Letters
  4. Alphabetical Balloons
  5. Terrific Typist
  6. Hide & Seek
  7. Which Is Different?
  8. Latter Cards
  1. Number Switch
  2. Counting Shapes
  3. Add It Up
  4. Number Order
  5. Lightest And Heaviest
  6. Number Label
  7. What Is Left?
  8. More Or Less?



  1. Odd One Out
  2. Park Pick Up
  3. Three Of A Kind
  4. Shadow Search
  5. Puzzle Pieces
  6. Picture Patch
  7. Fashion Twins
  1. Clean Sweep
  2. Fix It
  3. Forest Fitness
  4. Find The Tallest
  5. Forest Fight
  6. Tic Tac Toe
  7. Musical Fun

So the child can keep on playing/learning with Vtech Preschool Learning Tote and Go Laptop switching from one over to another once he feels tired with one activity. Though there are 7 selections as Games, almost all 30 activities are more like games than lessons. So kids love every activity equally.

Buying a full time teacher

Vtech Tote and Go Laptop is almost a preschool teacher for your child. It is talking to the child. It is encouraging the child. It is going everywhere with the child. And it is teaching to the child right throughout the day.

Vtech Tote and Go Laptop is a real looking Laptop which comes even with a mouse. So kids can pretend that they are working with a Laptop in some imaginary office, as what their adults do. It is full of fun, excitement, entertainments and education for kids from just 3 and above. It makes a fast learning on a wide range of subjects.

From happy customers

You’ll see toys that look more like “real” notebook computers on Amazon, but I trusted the consumer ratings (and liked the price) and gave this to my granddaughter for her third birthday. Reports from mom are that she’s played with it practically non-stop (granddaughter, not mom) for three days and wants to take it with her wherever she goes. We’re all musicians, and even mom’s reviews about the functionality and tolerability of the music were positive.

By Samuel Chell

* Durable, rugged construction. After a year of abuse from two young boys, the only issue is the mouse doesn’t click well to the left, but it still works OK. Everything else is 100%

* Intuitive. My older son (then 2 years, now 3) figured it out almost immediately.

* Surprising depth. Some functions are more complex, making for lasting play. A year later, and my son still pulls this laptop out for play.

* Highly educational. Our son picked up his letters and numbers early, largely through constant use of this laptop.

* Cheap. the 3-year-old has been showing — at best of times — our younger son how to use it. Sometimes they’d fight over it. So we bought another.

By Wayne’s

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Vtech Preschool Learning Tote and Go Laptop
Vtech Preschool Learning Tote and Go Laptop
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